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Why do product code searches return the dreaded “no results” most often?

Luigi's Blog | September 30, 2021
Why do product code searches return the dreaded “no results” most often?

E-shops in the spare parts segment achieve the highest rate of search with no results. This is due to specific search behaviour.

searches without results
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Many e-stores in this segment specialize in a specific type of goods, and their customers (often professionals) order spare parts according to the codes provided in the manufacturers’ catalogues.

That is also the major technical challenge of most searches – the interpretation of product codes. Those often differ only in small, insignificant details, which, however, cause the machine processing within search to “not see” the product with the given code.

For instance, the codes C34.719, C34719, C34 719, and C347-19 are codes of the same spare part from different manufacturers and only the best searches are able to understand them correctly.

If the customer is searching using the product code, the search cannot offer them the results with a similar product code (such as for the search with a typo). A change in one of the numbers could show a completely different product.

However, it is not necessary to reduce searches with no results to zero at all costs. The problem will only transform into a zero-click search.

The irrelevant results can be frustrating for a potential customer up to the point where he not only leaves without conversion but is also not willing to return to the e-shop anymore.

Our experience shows that e-shops with optimized search features have a search rate with no results ranging from 1% to 5%.

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