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Košík is one of the largest Czech online food retailers. They offer more than 15,000 products from pastries to drugstore items.

In the food segment, on average, 24% of customers use search. (Spoiler: it’s around 50% on Košík.cz after search optimization). That’s why they realized that if their search is not working properly, they risk customers won’t be able to buy products in their e-shop.

How did we help Košík to have more satisfied customers and higher revenue? Watch this video (EN, DE, and PL subtitles available) or read the text below to find out.

Developing a site's search internally is demanding and expensive

In Košík, they considered devoting internal resources to the development of their site’s search versus having an external supplier. They calculated how much their internal development would cost and how time-demanding it would be, including the needed know-how and the quality of available solutions. They came to the conclusion that the best way is to find an external contractor and they decided for Luigi’s Box.

"Luigi’s Box is a guarantee of professional approach. As the search specialists, they lead us to our goals much faster."
Tomáš Bzirský
Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing manager, Košík.cz

Diagnostics is the first step

To optimize your search, it is important to find out to what extent is the original solution (in)effective. We have designed our Luigi’s Box Analytics to include comprehensive information that is presented in a clear and understandable way. Thanks to this tool, we were able to identify specific problems and then focus on solving them:

1. Pilsner was not a beer

When customers searched for beer, the brand “Pilsner Urquell” never appeared in the results. This was because the product name (“Pilsner Urquell Light Lager”) nor the category name (“Lagers below 12°”) did not include the word beer.

We taught the search feature at Košík.cz to work with the whole structure of category names, not only with the specific product category.

2. Sirloin was a fish

In the categories hierarchy, some smaller categories are sometimes grouped together (T-shirts and shirts, dresses and skirts). In a similar fashion, the beef sirloin was located in the category “Beef” (not beef meat). However, the parent category is named “Meat and fish”. It contains the word meat, but it also contains the word fish. That’s why when searching for fish, you could have also found “Beef sirloin” among results.

We taught the search feature in Košík to work carefully with the right categories and to ignore those that could return wrong results.

3. Chocolate was a yoghurt

There is a fair amount of products that have the word chocolate in their names because they are also made with the chocolate flavor (yogurts, müsli, ice cream, pastry, etc.). However, when the customers search for “chocolate”, they’re naturally more interested in finding actual chocolate than chocolate-flavored yogurt. Obviously, not every brand of chocolate contains that word in its name. Therefore, when searching for “chocolate”, many chocolate-flavored products appeared in the results instead of chocolate bars.

As a solution, we have defined stop words for the phrase “chocolate” so that the search results don’t include yogurts, proteins, or ice creams when a customer searched for “chocolate”.

4. Creativity in search has no limits

There are many creative ways to search for products in an e-shop. Occasionally, customers use slang terms and then the search ends up with no results.

We have set up synonyms that also include slang expressions. Košík will, therefore, find the right products, even if the customer does not enter exactly the correct phrase. In addition, Luigi’s Box automatically recommends synonyms based on customers’ behavior, helping Košík to keep up with the creativity of their customers.

5. St. Martin's goose needs a bit of help

St. Martin’s goose is a seasonal product in the Czech Republic. This means that when its time comes, you need to have it as high as possible in the search results. Demand is high and the customers are impatient. However, when Košík added this product in their catalog, it naturally had no history of customer interactions and was not in the first positions in the search results, making it a lost opportunity for the e-shop.

Thanks to the boosted items function, we have set that “St. Martin’s goose” appeared in the top positions among the results, so that customers can immediately find the desired seasonal product. In addition, we’ve worked out a feature that automatically prioritizes new products in a specified time.

6. Life is too short to drink warm beer

Košík came up with a great idea to deliver chilled drinks during the summer heats. Naturally, when they started selling them, they had no customer interaction history. Therefore, they weren’t placed in top positions of search results, where they’d be immediately noticed by customers sweltering in torrid weather.

With boosted terms feature, we made “chilled drinks” appear in the first positions among the results automatically, without the need to set each product individually.

More relevant search results, happier customers and increased revenue

Search optimization using a tool with outstanding functions has made shopping easier for Košík.cz e-shop customers and brings them better search results. Their satisfaction was reflected not only in the above-average use of the search function, but also in the increase in sales. Several important metrics have improved significantly:

-74 %

no-results searches

25 %

no-results searches
with the original search

-38 %

search exit rate

48 %

search exit rate
with the original search

+83 %

autocomplete CTR

24 %

autocomplete CTR
with the original search

+10,5 %

search conversions

"Now, 50% of customers use search on Košík.cz, and 30% of them add products directly to their carts.”
Tomáš Bzirský
Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing manažér, Košík.cz

Czechia and Slovakia's largest seller of gardening supplies

Mountfield started 30 years ago with a single store in Mnichovice, Czech Republic. Today, it is the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 77 brick-and-mortar stores.

As the company was growing, the importance of online sales increased. Mountfield, therefore, began looking for ways to support their growth. One of the options they identified was to improve their site search.

Flaws of existing search

In Mountfield, they regularly monitored the effectiveness of their search in Google Analytics, so they knew its shortcomings. The two most important issues were:

  • The search could not handle typos
  • Autocomplete was not fast enough

To identify specific queries causing they were losing customers due to unoptimized search, they decided to implement Luigi’s Box Analytics.

Autocomplete implementation

Based on analytical data, Mountfield decided to implement our Autocomplete. To evaluate its efficiency, we compared the periods 2 months before and 2 months after implementing the tool (June and July 2019 v. August and September 2019).

"Luigi's Box Autocomplete increased our conversions by 33%, even when its use dropped by 30%."
David Linhart, Mountfield
David Linhart
Head of e-commerce, Mountfield

Despite a 30% drop in autocomplete product clicks, the total number of autocomplete conversions increased by 33%. The higher number of purchases with the lower number of product impressions indicates that Luigi’s Box autocomplete displayed significantly more relevant products to customers.

67.3 %

Autocomplete conversion rate increase

A 67.3% increase in autocomplete conversion rate also confirms Luigi’s Box’s positive impact on Mountfield sales. While with the original solution, the autocomplete conversion rate was 5.2%, after the integration of Luigi’s Box, it rose to 8.7%.


Answear stats

Answear is one of the most popular online fashion stores in CEE region. An e-shop of this size and expertise is well aware of how important search is for their business and they decided to contact specialists. Competing with four renowned search vendors, Luigi’s Box was able to meet Answear’s requirements the best.

Custom integration for the client

During backend integration, we were developing several features upon the client’s request in order to simplify the integration process and minimize the workload. Answear’s websites are visited by 4 million users a month, generating 120 million requests to Luigi’s Box. That’s almost 1.5 billion a year.

For Answear’s e-shop, we custom-developed these features:

The Ukrainian website version contains a quick switch to the Russian version. The client wanted to simplify this step for the users and, therefore, we needed to import a huge number of Russian terms as synonyms to the products in Ukrainian (and vice-versa). The search was then able to show accurate results in the language the user entered the phrase.

To simplify the products administration, the client needed a feature that allowed editing one of the product attributes for all products from a category at once. For example, to change all products of the Adidas brand to “unavailable”.

When changing a product category on the website, it’s necessary to change the information in the product catalogue as well. We automatized this process for the client, so they don’t have to think about this step when making changes in product administration.

Facets in the client’s product catalogue consist of various components (e.g. color facet consists of name, ID, or html code). Backend integration required connecting to an existing frontend, while keeping this data structure. That’s why we adjusted our solution so it’s able to process the data in the structure the client required.

The client required their own servers. They wanted to make sure the other websites have no negative impact on their website’s performance. Even though we’ve never experienced such an impact on any websites, we met this requirement and provided the client with their own servers.

To make their life easier, Answear created an open-sourced client library in PHP language that allowed for quicker and more convenient work with Luigi’s Box API.

The search bar in Answear’s e-shop is shown only after you choose your gender. Therefore, we adjusted the search engine so it shows the product only for the selected gender, even when the user searches general queries like t-shirt, trousers, jacket, etc.

Luigi’s Box tools respect the website’s design and look like its native part. The client, however, wanted to adjust the autocomplete’s design even more. Therefore, in the early stages of our cooperation, we made available the source codes of our autocomplete libraries so they could edit the design according to their needs.


Luigi’s Box was launched in Answear’s e-shop on Dec 12, 2020. To evaluate its impact, we compared data several weeks before and several weeks after the launch. When looking at the data, it’s important to consider that this period included Black Friday and Christmas, typically the strongest periods of the year in e-commerce. However, there are some very positive trends to look at:

2x higher search usage
The overall number of searches and uses of autocomplete were two times higher. Visitors immediately noticed that the search engine works quicker and more effectively.
+40% conversion rate
Number of sessions with search conversion in January 2021 was still more than 40% higher than in October 2020. New search kept Answear's high search conversion rate even after the festive period.
“Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e-shop.”
Piotr Maciążka
Implementation Team Manager, Answear


During the integration process of Luigi’s Box tools into Answear’s e-shop, we developed several features to help the client with product catalogue management as well as streamlining the shopping experience for their customers. The more effective search was noticed immediately by customers, as their search usage doubled. The tools helped to increase the search conversion rate as well, since it kept its high levels even after Black Friday and Christmas, typically the busiest periods of the year in e-commerce.

Nay is Slovakia’s leading electronics store and one of our first major clients. In the Czech Republic, they operate under the brand Electro World. Gejza Nagy, approached Nay’s Chief Omnichannel Officer, Martin Derňar, in 2017 to try out Luigi’s Box and they never looked back.

In a nutshell

sellers: efficient in-store product search
customers: quicker in-store service
e-shop visitors: fast site search
client: sextrupled search conversion rate

“We’ve used Luigi’s Box since 2017. In addition to our search conversion rate increase by 600%, the service also enhanced our in-store customers service.”

Martin Derňar Chief Omnichannel Officer at Nay

Benefiting offline sales

In-store sellers, a very important part of Nay’s omnichannel concept, are the people who use Nay’s very own e-shop several times a day to check whether demanded products are in stock.

Nay’s original search engine often labelled products unavailable, even when the sellers were pretty sure they had them.

With Luigi’s Box, Nay was able to streamline this process and helped the customers get the required information quicker.

Benefiting online sales

Online store visitors had at their disposal a search that offered instant autocomplete suggestions and understood the broader context of their queries.

They noticed the website’s enhanced search performance and Nay’s site search usage, that usually accounts for a fifth of all website traffic in the Electronics segment, boomed to one third of their total site visitors.

However, the most remarkable achievement of this cooperation was the increase of the search conversion rate. Comparing the numbers from 2017 and 2021, we found out that the search conversion rate raised by a stunning 600%!

How Luigi’s Box has helped a member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU to increase their search conversion rate by 9.49%​1 with their unique intuitive site search solution.

Luigi’s Box was founded in 2017, as a response to the very insufficient level of site search experience for many online stores. The unique technological solution uses machine learning and AI to optimize the order of search results and to recognize synonyms.

The biggest challenges

#1 Customers were unable to find specific products without typing the exact product name

Solution: With the intuitive site search, customers could find the most relevant products, regardless of whether they entered the product name with a typo, or used an alternative name, or a slang term.

#2 The search would not start until customers have not entered at least 3 letters of the product name

Solution: With the help of the Luigi’s Box autocomplete (whisperer), the search results were suggested immediately after typing the first letter of the product name. This allowed for an interaction between the user and the BENU online store from the very first moment, and so increased the chance of the customer remaining engaged with the ecommerce experience.

#3 During the Covid19 crisis, customers were not able to find the most acute medical products

Solution: Luigi’s Box is constantly learning and is therefore able to capture changes in overall users behaviour such as crisis situations, and is able to provide the most up-to-date product results or information.

Results and data points

The numbers speak for themselves.

A/B test from 27 June to 26 July 2020
Traffic distribution: A: 55.71%, B: 44.29%

Conversion rate

Result: Luigi’s Box increased
the search conversion rate by 9.49%

Luigi’s Box site search demonstration

Before and after (drag the mouse)
Original solution vs. Luigi’s Box

Integration of our intuitive site search

A product pilot runs without the assistance of the client’s IT department

Luigi’s Box team launched a pilot version of the autocomplete on Benulekaren.sk without the need for neither BENU’s IT department’s assistance, nor the client’s IT suppliers support. BENU pharmacies provided an XML feed, and using the Google Tag Manager platform the actual insertion of the Luigi’s Box script took only a few minutes. This saved time and allowed the Luigi’s Box team to efficiently and smoothly run the pilot.

Luigi’s Box support team does take the ownership of the onboarding process

The deployment of the Luigi’s Box search and autocomplete was carried out by an active collaboration between PeckaDesign (the supplier of the e-shop platform) and the Luigi’s Box team. Developers from PeckaDesign used an API link to synchronize the product information in real time.

Continuous customer support

During the A/B testing, as well as after the integration of Luigi’s Box search and autocomplete, the Luigi’s Box team remains in active communication with BENU product managers, helping to address emerging issues and enquiries and providing support to PeckaDesign, the supplier of the e-shop platform.

Find out how we can help you!

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1, ​About BENU pharmacy network

BENU (benu.cz) is part of the pharmaceutical group Phoenix Group.
Phoenix Group – is the largest pharmacy operator in Europe.

The company’s turnover: 5,931 mld. CZK (225,93 million EUR) in 2019 (Reference: https://retailnews.cz/aktualne/trzby-lekaren-benu-mezirocne-stouply-o-vice-nez-22/)

EXIsport is a Slovak sport and fashion retail company operating in Slovakia with an online branch in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 2003, it’s been ranked #1 Slovak sports store. The company has a 23 million EUR turnover and a 52% year-on-year growth in eCommerce. In February 2019, it’ll enter the Romanian market.

How an Offline Store Understood the Power of eCommerce

Why invest into online commerce when offline commerce generates most sales? That’s what EXIsport management asked back in 2010. With many well-functioning stores focusing on the online segment didn’t seem necessary, but surprisingly it was. The trend of online shopping was coming and to stay in the game the company decided to pay more attention to its online presence.

In the beginning, being a well-known brand and having a wide offer secured EXIsport a leading position in the market. With the arrival of international competitors like Sportisimo, Sports Direct and Decathlon in 2015, the situation, however, changed. It was crucial to invest more into technology and online marketing.

Launching Cooperation with Luigi’s Box

In 2017, the company hired Juraj, an experienced marketing consultant whose prime focus was enhancing the performance of PPC and social media campaigns and improving user experience. After an initial user experience testing it became clear that the website search had serious shortcomings and the company quickly needed to improve it. At this point, Juraj got in touch with Luigi’s Box.

EXIsport implemented Search Analytics and in a short time gained access to fascinating results. It emerged that 30% of transactions happen through web search and that the conversion rate of people who use search is 2.6 times higher than of those who don’t. Moreover, the company found out that the average value of an order of a person using search is 9% higher than that of a person who doesn’t use search. Based on this data, EXIsport decided to improve its web search by putting Autocomplete search in place.

The biggest contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is improvement of customer experience. When you focus on a multisport sales, it’s necessary to show customers relevant content. The quicker they find what they are searching for and the more relevant the search query is, the higher the chance of finishing the purchase.

Juraj Giacko, Head of Ecommerce
Juraj Giacko
Head of Ecommerce
screenshot exisport

Getting Immediate Results

The combination of Autocomplete and Search Analytics helped the company increase the conversion rate from search by 32%, which contributed to boosting the year-on-year online revenues by 52%.

Surprisingly, while the average time spent on the website decreased by 17%, the revenues went up by as much as 52%. While some analysts could interpret it as a bad sign, Juraj says those customers who are coming to the site with their mind set on a specific product or product category can now find products more quickly and don’t have to spend more time on the site than necessary. Interestingly, it is not only customers who benefit from a better search experience but also shopping assistants in retail stores who can assist buyers more efficiently.

What’ll Be Next

Using Autocomplete and Search Analytics led to higher customer satisfaction both in the online and offline sphere. EXIsport, however, doesn’t want to stop there. In 2019, the company implemented Luigi’s Box brand new feature called Search with Query Understanding which should provide even more relevant results to customers. It seems that there’s always a way to tinker with site search. As Juraj says, he’s looking for new ways to adopt machine learning as well as personalization through search and voice search.

First Slovak Unicorn

Electronic star is part of the global e-commerce company Berlin Brands Group (BBG), founded by Dominik Brichta and Peter Both in 2012. Their 40 e-shops offer consumer electronics and home appliances to customers in 26 countries. Thanks to a 2021 investment made by American company Bain Capital, BBG became the first Slovak company with a $1 billion valuation.

Overlooked Search Potential

In total, 82% of Electronic Star customers do not use search because they are incentivized to immediately buy products. Given this type of traffic, Electronic Star did not consider search a high priority. However, they missed out on the remaining 18% of customers who used search and sometimes got irrelevant results, leading them to not purchase the product they desired.

Thanks to the implementation of Autocomplete, we increased turnover by +2 percentage points from one day to the next. Given our size, it brings us more than 100,000 EUR a year without much hard work and for a price that was immediately returned multiple times over.

Jakub Žilinčan CEO Chief Marketing Officer at Electronic Star
Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer at Electronic star

Experimenting with Autocomplete

In April 2018, a Luigi’s Box Customer Success Manager met with Electronic Star representatives and explained the value of search as a revenue stream. Within two weeks, the e-shop agreed to try out Autocomplete. The Luigi’s Box team took care of the technical implementation so none of the client’s developers were required. Once the tool was incorporated, the e-shop eagerly waited for results.

screenshot electronic-star

Clear Opportunity in Search

Currently, only a small percentage of customers use Autocomplete while searching. Still, this brings in more than 100,000 EUR per year on top of standard revenue, mainly thanks to the conversion rate uplift, which is 40% better than from people who use standard search.

Seeing positive results, Electronic Star instantly realized the great potential of their search feature and decided to encourage customers to use it on the website. They are now trying to make searching for products easier and more fun so that more of their customers find and buy what they want.

When Soňa Fialková founded the pet e-shop SpokojenyPes.cz (or “Happy Dog”), she could probably not foresee how successful it would be. With 25,000 orders online per month, it has become one of the biggest e-shops in the Czech Republic. Thanks to her e-shop, tens of thousands of dog and cat lovers buy high quality products for their beloved pets every year.

In 2016, SpokojenyPes hired Programia to develop a new layout for the e-shop. While reconstructing the site, Programia noticed a slight problem. SpokojenyPes had a generic site search solution on their website without any tailoring for their specific range of products. This meant that the search conversion rate was only 7.6% on average, while the potential was much higher.

Increasing the Conversion Rate to 14.9% in a Week’s Time

To target new customers who were searching for pet products but could not easily find them in the e-shop, Programia suggested that SpokojenyPes deploy two measures:

  • Search Analytics – search data that investigates interactions among web searches, the search engine, or the content data and provides feedback on site search development
  • Autocomplete search – a search-as-you-type option that actively helps visitors to overcome the most common problems related to generic and imperfect site searches

That’s when Soňa teamed up with Luigi’s Box. We immediately applied Search Analytics to SpokojenyPes to see what was working well and what was not. The analytical data brought interesting findings to light about how customers search – 35% of total revenue comes from user site search, while the average conversion rate from site search is 30%.

Having these results in our hands, we put Autocomplete search in place, which resulted in an immediate rise of search conversion rate from 7.6% to 14.9% within a week. Visitors did not have to use the search anymore as they would be brought directly to the requested product or category.

Search conversion rate with Luigi’s Box Autocomplete increased from 7.6% to 14.9%

Developing a Better and More Optimized Search Engine

To further improve the search function, the e-shop had two options. It could either optimize its engine or use a pre-prepared search engine called Luigi’s Box search. In the case of SpokojenyPes, Programia developed a new flexible search engine optimized for customers’ needs, habits and their specific terminology. Implemented in April 2018, a joint conversion rate of Luigi’s Box Autocomplete and Search from Programia is over 30% on average.

New search engine with autocomplete has increased the search conversion rate from 14.9% to 30%

Luigi’s Box was a real eye opener for us. It showed us the importance and hidden potential of our site search.

E-shoppers often forget to care about customer experience and they invest way too much resources into advertising. Lugi’s Box showed us what we can gain if we do care about our search.

Soňa Fialková CEO at SpokojenyPes.cz
Soňa Fialková
CEO at SpokojenyPes.cz
screenshot spokojenypes.cz


Thanks to advanced search analytics, a fast autocomplete, and a flexible new search engine, SpokojenyPes achieved a noticeable increase in conversion rate. In joint cooperation with Programia, Luigi’s Box helped the company better target new customers and satisfy the needs of the existing ones.

avg. search conversion rate without Luigi’s Box
avg. search conversion rate with Luigi’s Box Autocomplete
30 %
avg. search conversion rate with Luigi’s Box Autocomplete and Search from Programia

Want to know what’s in the Box?

See our sample project


logo spokojenypes.cz

SpokojenyPes.cz is an e-shop offering a large variety of pet food, supplies, and accessories. Founded in 2005, the company has built a solid base of customers across the Czech Republic. It has been regularly awarded for their products in various competitions. Its cooperation with Luigi’s Box started in 2018.

search per month
orders online per month
of total revenue is with user site search
avg. conversion rate from site search

logo programia.cz

Programia.cz is a Czech company that develops B2B and B2C e-shops in connection with ERP, CRM, economic, account, stock, and logistic systems. They built the whole e-commerce platform of SpokojenyPes.cz in 2016.

O2 Slovakia is the fastest growing mobile network operator in Slovakia. Since 2007, it has gained more than 1.9 million customers and acquired a 25% market share. The company has been continually awarded for their services in independent customer surveys.
In 2016, O2 became the operator of the year for the seventh time in a row.

  • 750 000 monthly online visitors
  • 10% of e-commerce revenue through on-site search
  • 8× higher conversion rate of visitors, who used on-site search

Making On-Site Search a Priority

Even though less than 5% of visitors use on-site search, the online department at O2 has never neglected the importance of search and always seen it as an important revenue stream.

In March 2017, O2 teamed up with Luigi’s Box to improve the performance of their search and implemented Search Analytics on all O2 sites including the main website, the eshop, and the Q&A portal.

In a short time, O2 online team was able to see the most frequently searched terms including phrases with typos and no search terms. Not to lose potential customers to no search results, they used the Fixit option to route visitors to correct queries and pages. Furthermore, they also adapted content pages to match customers’ language.

Luigi’s Box is a very progressive tool, which complements our existing analytical data. Its usage led not only to higher conversion rates of our e-shop, but it helped us to keep high standards of customer satisfaction with our site.

Jana Karasová, Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2 Slovakia
Jana Karasová
Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2 Slovakia
screenshot O2

Getting Immediate Results

When O2 introduced a new postpaid plan called O2 Volnost, many visitors struggled to find it. Luigi’s Box identified this issue and fixed it. In a short time, the conversion rate of people who looked for this plan increased by 9 times.

Using Fixit rules has become a regular ritual at O2. Each month, more than 10 new Fixit rules are created. the conversion rate of these Fixit rules is higher by 136% compared to ordinary search conversion rate.
Thanks to effective routing of visitors to trending products and services, the conversion rate increased by 320%.


Using Luigi’s Box on a daily basis helped O2 spotlight trends in searching, draw attention to lost opportunities, adjust on-site search and develop further features. And foremost, fulfill visitors‘ needs when searching for a product or a service.

search and sales

Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders. It offers more than 12,000 different products, including products for mothers with children, dermocosmetics, medical devices, veterinary preparations, just to name a few.

Customer comfort and online shop design are constantly being improved by Dr.Max’s team of specialists and thanks to cooperation with Media and Digital Services agency, Luigi’s Box has helped improve the search function on their website.

The tool was deployed to the www.drmax.sk website in April 2017. As early as in its first month of tracking, a number of smaller imperfections and more considerable deficiencies directly related to search have been discovered. For example, a typical issue of search was (not) handling typos, not finding products that are available solely at brick-and-mortar stores. This led to customers’ false assumptions that these products are
not available at this seller at all.

Nowadays, Dr.Max e-commerce team uses Luigi’s Box tool on a regular basis and progressively implements proposed improvements.

Increased conversion rate by improving autocompleted search

More than 19% of visitors used the autocomplete search feature when using the search box on the website, which is why "fine-tuning" was one of the priorities. Thanks to insights from Luigi's Box, an average conversion rate was increased by 10%.
Less searches ending with no results

The very common and the most critical search problem is when search the engine fails to respond correctly to misspellings in product names, incorrect (or missing) accented letters, or when using synonyms outside of its dictionary. Findings from Luigi's Box tool reduced the number of searches leading to no results by 9% in the first month.
Improved conversion rate in selected product segment

Changes based on insights from Luigi’s Box led to a conversion rate increase of 230% in the selected product group, just over the course of a single month. The changes were related to extending an offer of additional alternatives to existing products, adding additional keywords to products, and more.

Significant improvement was also done in search and active campaigns in the Mother & Child segment.
After searching for a product that was not available in the online store, visitors were redirected to a website
where they could check product availability in specific local stores.

Using Luigi’s Box, you can also track trends in searches and purchases influenced by the season, weather,
or current diseases in the population.