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Luigi’s Box & cookies consent

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to know about how you should treat Luigi’s Box scripts to be compliant with cookie consents, privacy regulations etc.

The procedure differs based on what Luigi’s Box services do you use. We distinguish two different cases:

  1. You only use Luigi’s Box Analytics
  2. You use Luigi’s Box Search and/or Luigi’s Box Recommender

If you use Luigi’s Box Analytics ONLY

In this case, you have to ensure that Luigi’s Box tracking script is triggered (inserted into the page) only once the end user has granted consent with analytical cookies. We recommend to use Cookiebot, tool, through which you can easily manage this.

If you use Luigi’s Box Search and/or Luigi’s Box Recommender

In this case, it is important to trigger/insert the script into the page normally, without any interference from consent management platforms such as Cookiebot. In default mode, our script sets a so-called “session cookie” (non-permanent, disappearing upon ending a session/closing the tab). Usage of this type of cookie is fully compliant with all current regulations.

However, it is important to inform us about the consent mode the end user has chosen, because if the user has granted consent to use of analytical cookies, we can provide a personalized search & recommender experience to her.

Currently, we support following modes to determine the consent status:

  1. We find the information about analytical cookies consent written by Cookiebot consent management platform
  2. We find the information about the consent in Google Consent Mode of GTM platform
  3. We find a cookie lbx_consent_cookie, where a value “granted” means that the user has granted the consent.

If you are using Cookiebot or Google Consent Mode of GTM, you do not need to do anything. The same applies if you can set the lbx_consent_cookie, If you have a different way how to store consent, let us know at and we will adapt our service for your context.