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FAQ & Tutorial


Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, for sure. Once you see no added value from Luigi’s Box features, you can simply uninstall the application from your online store or send us cancellation request to our email support@luigisbox.com

Yes. If you want to improve your search, you have to start to measure it. So, start with our smart search analytics, it is a real eye opener. It will tell you all the relevant information about performance of your search & navigation elements of your online store, what are your hot searches, what sections of your store are struggling to deliver relevant results and where you are losing people’s attention. Next, you can fix all the problems with our Fixit functionalities or various types of APIs.

Yes, we provide our own autocomplete & search solutions, giving your visitors the ultimate tools to discover your products as efficiently as possible.

Do you have more questions?

You can check Luigi’s Box Support Section or contact us via email at support@luigisbox.com. We will try to reply you within a couple of minutes.


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Visual dashboard Trending searches and items

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Query detail

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