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Business Metrics Ranking

Understand how your search is used and discover possible improvements with this essential feature.

What is the Business metrics ranking feature?

Business metrics are an important part of any business as they can help you find out where to improve and where you’re already doing your best. The business metrics ranking feature in Luigi’s Box can consider margin, novelty, boosting and other product related metrics to rank products according to your preference. Higher value products will be placed at the top, while lower value products will stay low to maximize your profits accordingly.

How can you use the Business metrics ranking feature?

Business metrics ranking is one of the most useful features you can get with Luigi’s Box. Learn how to improve in all important areas of your e‑shop with the right data. Use the Business metrics ranking to rank products accordingly and increase your sales. Products with higher profit margins can be ranked higher, because they bring you the most profits with each sale. Novelty products can get some extra attention from early adopters who are more likely to buy something unusual and new. Find out what are the key strengths and weaknesses of your products and find out what you should rank first thanks to Business metrics ranking.

What are the benefits of the Business metrics ranking feature?

  • Improve your sales with better ranking
  • Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your product selection
  • Continuously improve the customer experience