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Multiple Product Availabilities

Create one product with multiple variations and different pricing based on geographical location.

What is the multiple product availabilities feature?

Multiple product availabilities is a feature that’s great for e‑shops that cater to customers in multiple geographical locations, sell multiple product variations, or products that are localized for certain markets.

Even though these variations are essentially the same product, the difference might lead to availability only in certain regions and with different prices. The multiple product availabilities feature can help you create one product with multiple variations, different descriptions, and different pricing that will be shown only to relevant customers.

How can you use the Multiple product availabilities feature?

Use this feature to create multiple product copies with different descriptions, pricing, and properties. While these products are essentially the same, only the correct one will be shown to customers based on geographical location and other criteria. This feature can help you prevent misunderstanding due to product unavailability, and it can prevent you from building unfulfillable customer expectations. Avoiding these problems can help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run, while making your e‑shop organized and run smoother.

How can you benefit from the Multiple product availabilities feature?

  • Diversify your product variety for multiple demographics
  • Increase satisfaction and ensure future sales
  • Avoid customer frustration