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Personalize product listing pages from customers' previous interactions with your e‑shop.

What is Product listing Personalization?

Personalization in Luigi’s Box is a feature connected to our artificial intelligence. The system gathers data from online shoppers and determines the best possible way to personalize their product listings. Personalization in the product listing makes sure that each online shopper will be shown only products they might be interested in, based on their previous searches.

That way a customer who tends to search for laptops will get more relevant results for the laptop category, but this also includes other related categories such as laptop accessories and other equipment.

How can you use Product Listing Personalization?

Personalization makes product search much faster and a lot more relevant compared to just browsing through endless lists. This alone can increase customer satisfaction and happiness. Personalization recognizes the interests of your customers, and it can also introduce them to new products that are related to their favorite products and product categories.

Each customer gets personalized product listings based on their previous interests, so they can discover new products easily. This feature is even more useful for shoppers with extremely specific interests or for shoppers who search for very niche products that might be hard to find otherwise.

What are the benefits of Product Listing Personalization?

  • Product listings based on customer interests
  • Easy discovery of new products from favorite categories
  • Increased satisfaction and happiness
  • Decreased time on browsing and searching in product lists