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Cover your business in Dutch-speaking countries. Simply switch to it in your settings anytime.

Dutch language in Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is also available in Dutch. You can take a look at our available languages, and switch your entire toolset into the Dutch language. Every Luigi’s Box feature and tool has been translated to multiple languages for your convenience, so you can start running and managing your store in the language you prefer.

Dutch is a West Germanic language that’s spoken by around 25 million people as their first language, and another 5 million as a second language. It’s the third most spoken Germanic language, right after English and German. Its daughter language is the Afrikaans, which are mutually intelligible and mainly spoken in South Africa. Besides that, Dutch is a close relative to German and English, and it’s considered as an in-betweener of these languages. The most significant shared feature of Dutch with German, is the inclusion of grammatical genders.