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Manage your e‑shop in Finnish and expand your business to Scandinavia. Every tool is available.

Finnish language in Luigi’s Box

Would you like to work in Finnish when using Luigi’s Box? We got you! Luigi’s Box offers multiple language translations and localizations, including the Finnish language. The entire toolset, as well as every feature and description, has been translated into Finnish to help our Finnish users get comfortable with our comprehensive search solution.

Finnish, or as the natives know it, Suomi is a Uralic language of the Finnic branch. It’s spoken mainly in Finland, as well as the ethnic Finns who live outside of Finland. It’s one of the two official languages of Finland, with the second one being Swedish. It’s spoken by around 5.8 million people worldwide. Outside of Finland, Finnish is also spoken mainly in Sweden, Norway, Karelia, and the United States of America.