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German language in Luigi’s Box

Sprichst du Deutsch? Luigi’s Box does! The entire Luigi’s Box feature set has been translated into German, for the comfort of our German-speaking users. Enjoy each tool, description, feature, and more in the German language, and work comfortably with the language you prefer.

Language is a well-known and widely spoken language with a rich history. It’s the number one spoken language in the European Union, as well as being one of the most spoken languages in entire Europe and the world. It belongs to the West Germanic languages group and it’s the official and co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium. It’s also the national language of Namibia. It’s similar to its cousins of the West Germanic language branch – Afrikaans, Dutch, English, and also Yiddish. It’s spoken by 95 million native speakers worldwide.