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Prepare your e‑shop for use by your Hungarian-speaking customers and enhance your business.

Hungarian language in Luigi’s Box

We understand the importance of working in the language you prefer, and that’s why Luigi’s Box knows Hungarian and so does the entire feature set. Every Hungarian user of Luigi’s Box can work comfortably with the language of their preference. All you have to do is switch to Hungarian in the settings, and you’re ready to go. You can manage your Hungarian website comfortably, and your customers can have a much better experience too.

Hungarian is a Uralic language that’s spoken mostly by Hungarian natives and several neighboring countries. It’s the official language of Hungary and it’s spoken in Hungarian communities surrounding Hungary. These countries include southern Slovakia, western Ukraine, northern Serbia, northern Croatia, northeastern Slovenia, eastern Austria, and western Romania. However, there are many other Hungarian communities worldwide, such as in Israel, Canada, and the United States of America. Hungarian is the most spoken of all Uralic languages, with 17 million speakers worldwide.