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Customize your e‑shop for Italian-speaking customers and give them the best experience.

Italian language in Luigi’s Box

Italian can be your primary language in Luigi’s Box. Every feature and function in our extensive toolset has been translated and localized to the Italian language for the comfort of all Italian users and customers of Luigi’s Box. You can switch to Italian in the Luigi’s Box settings if it’s your preference, and accommodate your whole Luigi’s Box experience to Italian for your customers and online visitors.

Italian is a Romance language that evolved from Roman Empire’s Latin. It’s the official language of Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland. It’s also an official minority language of western Istria. It’s also largely represented by expatriate communities in the United States of America and Australia. Italian is the second most spoken native language in the European Union with 67 million speakers. Overall, it’s spoken by around 85 million people worldwide.