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Manage your e‑shop in Norwegian and grow your business to the Scandinavian peninsula.

Norwegian language in Luigi’s Box

Work in Norwegian in your Luigi’s Box system and handle everything in the language you prefer to use. Our entire toolset and feature set has been translated into Norwegian so you can use each function in this language. You can simply switch to it anytime you want, and provide a great experience for all Norwegian-speaking Luigi’s Box users.

Norwegian is a North Germanic language and it’s the official language of Norway. It can be mutually intelligible to a certain degree with Swedish and Danish, with some Norwegian and Swedish dialects being very close to each other in particular. There are two official forms of written Norwegian – Bokmål and Nynorsk. Bokmål means “book tongue”, while Nynorsk means literally means “new Norwegian” and each of them has its own variations. Norwegian is spoken by around 5.32 million native speakers.