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We cover CEE languages so your polish customers can comfortably browse your e‑shop.

Polish language in Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box can help all Polish speakers work comfortably because the entire toolset can be switched to the Polish language at any time. Every single one of our functionalities has been translated for your comfort to help you provide a better experience for your Polish websites and Polish customers. Try it out and switch to Polish in Luigi’s Box whenever you need it.

Polish is a West Slavic language of the Lechitic group and it’s spoken primarily in Poland, where it’s an official language. There is however a lot of Polish speakers worldwide, as it has been a historically important language in diplomacy and academia in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s most closely related to Slovak and Czech languages but it’s different in grammar and it has a different pronunciation. Some words can have completely different meanings in Polish and other languages, but it can be still mutually intelligible in these languages. Polish has over 50 million speakers around the entire world and it’s the sixth most spoken language in the European Union.