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Customize your e‑shop for Portuguese-speaking customers and give them the best experience.

Portuguese language in Luigi’s Box

Are you a Portuguese speaker? Enrich your Luigi’s Box experience and switch to the Portuguese language at any time. Luigi’s Box has been fully translated into Portuguese for the comfort of our customers. Working with the language of your preference can help you provide a better experience, not only for your Portuguese-speaking customers. Try it out today.

Portuguese is a western Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. It’s the official language of Portugal, but also of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, and a couple of other countries. Portuguese is used as a co-official language in Macau, Equatorial Guinea, and East Timor. However, there are many other Portuguese speakers found in the entire world due to the language’s significance during colonial times. Portuguese has 250 million native speakers and 24 million speakers who use it as a second language. It’s the third most spoken language in Europe and the second most spoken Romance language in the entire world. An academic study from 1997 considers Portuguese as one of the most influential world languages, making it into the top 10 languages in the world.