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Slovak language in Luigi’s Box

Would you prefer to have your Luigi’s Box experience in Slovak? We’ve got good news then because Slovak is one of the language options you can choose in your Luigi’s Box product dashboard. Luigi’s Box has been created by Slovaks, which is why you can have the perfect experience of your entire toolset in the Slovak language. Switch to it anytime according to your preference.

Slovak is a West Slavic language of the Czech-Slovak group, making it a part of the Indo-European language family and one of the Slavic languages. It’s very closely related to Czech language, to the point that Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible with very minor differences. Most Czech and Slovak speakers can understand both languages without major difficulties and misunderstandings. It’s also very closely related to Polish. Slovak is the official language of Slovakia (not to be confused with Slovenia) and one of the official languages of the European Union. It’s spoken by 5 million natives as the first language. It’s also the first language of the creators of Luigi’s Box since Luigi’s Box was proudly created in Slovakia.