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Prepare your e‑shop for use by your customers from Slovenia and enhance your business.

Slovenian language in Luigi’s Box

Slovenian can be your primary language in Luigi’s Box. Our toolset has been translated into multiple languages, so you can switch to Slovenian whenever you want to. Each feature and functionality, as well as our product selection, can accommodate Slovenian-speaking users, and help you manage your Slovenian websites easily.

Slovenian is a South Slavic language in the Indo-European family of languages. It also belongs to the Balto-Slavic branch of languages. Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia (not to be confused with Slovakia), and it’s spoken mainly by Slovenes. It’s the only official language of Slovenia. It’s considered as one of the official languages of the European Union. Slovenian is also spoken by minorities in certain areas of Italy and Austria. Slovenian is almost mutually intelligible with Serbian and Croatian languages, but with some differences in certain dialects in various areas of these countries.