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Related Queries

Offer customers related products based on gathered data and increase your sales.

What are Related queries?

Related queries are a Luigi’s Box feature that supports the Recommender product by showing customers related or similar products. This feature is powered by our artificial intelligence, which ensures that all related queries will show relevant and accurate products in the Recommender.

These products are picked based on product category, the similarity of features, the likeliness of creating ideal product pairings, and other data.

Related queries can be used to help customers find other products while they spend time with the Recommender. It’s a great feature to have for recommending alternative products, products in similar categories, or products that can be easily paired with the originally recommended product.

Related queries are a subtle and efficient way to encourage your customers to buy more and find products without unnecessarily searching for them.

  • Encourage buying behavior in customers
  • Recommend relevant products in the Recommender
  • Increase your sales