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Increase your AOV by promoting relevant products directly in search based on customers' preferences.

What is Searchandising?

Searchandising is a combination of the words “search” and “merchandising”, and it refers to the process of influencing search results to help your customers discover new products they might be interested in. By using this feature, you can promote specific products in search results, based on customers preferences.

How can you use Searchandising?

Searchandising is a great way to influence buying decisions directly in search. By promoting relevant products, your customers are more likely to view them and eventually buy them.

Well-used searchandising can increase the average shopping cart value, as well as your sales without the need to advertise outside of your e‑shop’s search. Searchandising is also valuable as a support advertising and promotion feature that works well with other Luigi’s Box features.

What are the benefits of Searchandising?

  • Promote products directly in search
  • Help customers discover new products
  • Increase average shopping cart value
  • Increase your sales