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Special Character Support

Avoid unnecessary search problems by transforming special characters into more readable form for a system.

What is Special character support (Transliteration)?

Special character support is an important feature in Luigi’s Box that transforms letters with special characters into a version with no special characters to ensure correct search results.

Product names in different languages than English might use special characters, which can lead to unpleasant consequences in search. By transliterating these characters, and transforming them into their base variant, you can be sure that no search results including these characters will be omitted, and your customers will always get the correct results.

How can you use Special character support (Transliteration)?

This feature is important because it helps the search show accurate results. Links and keywords typically never include special characters by default as we write them, which can lead to misdirections, and wrong search results. Transliteration removes this issue by transforming the characters into a form readable by the system.

How can you benefit from Special character support (Transliteration)?

  • Avoid problems with search
  • Increase search speed
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Remove frustration