Luigi’s Box Recommender

    Recommender displays product suggestions in your
    e‑shop, personalized to every visitor with AI, based
    on their preferences and previous online behavior.

    More repeat purchases and average order value

    Customers like to return to an e‑shop that can quickly fulfill their needs. Based on their previous interaction on your website, we can recommend what else they might need.


    Average sales increase


    Average cart conversion increase

    Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy's products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart... more

    Michal Dodok
    Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

    We’ve been using Luigi’s Box since 2017. In addition to our search conversion rate increase by 600%, the service also enhanced our in-store... more

    Martin Derňar
    Chief Omnichannel Officer, Nay

    The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is an improvement in customer experience. The quicker they find what they search for,... more

    Juraj Giacko
    Head of E‑Commerce, EXIsport

    Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e‑shop.

    Piotr Maciazka
    Implementation Team Manager, Answear

    Recommender boxes can be placed anywhere on the website. They’ll always feel like its natural part regardless of the e‑commerce platform.

    Personalized Recommendations

    By recommending relevant products based on customers’ preferences and similarities with previously seen products, you can enhance their user experience.

    Best Sellers

    Recommend the most popular products and motivate your customers to buy more with our AI‑tailored picks.

    Selected Products

    Display soon-to-sold-out products, products on sale, or top-selling products in your e‑shop to your customers.

    Shopping Cart

    Increase average order value with product tips based on what's already in the customer's shopping cart.

    Visual Recommendations

    Reveal relevant product recommendations and search results to customers using images when they search for a product.

    Recommender Analytics

    Measure how many customers click on your recommendations. Are your recommendations relevant to your customers?

    Clear data on the performance of individual recommenders

    Number of sessions, users, clicks, and purchases

    How it works? It's pretty simple

    Integration consists of four easy steps, without the need for your IT team.

    Create an account

    You only need a few minutes to enter basic data, and you can create an account for free.

    Insert the script

    Insert one line of code into your e‑shop's header or use Google Tag Manager.

    Start improving

    After launching Analytics, you will discover new ways to achieve better results.

    Keep exploring

    Decide if you want to unlock your e‑shop's potential with additional services.

    See the results our clients get

    Managing 120 Million Monthly Requests on 9 Domains

    Answear is one of the most popular online fashion stores in CEE region. During the integration, we developed several features for the client.

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    Smart Remedy for the Pharma Giant’s Turnover

    A member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU increased its search conversion rate by 9.49%​ with Luigi's Box.

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    How Electronicstar Realized the Importance of Search With Autocomplete

    Luigi's Box adds more than 100,000 € a year on top of the first Slovak unicorn's revenue.

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    Košík’s Search Conversions Increased by 10.5%

    With Luigi's Box, Koší enjoys more satisfied customers, more relevant search results, and increased revenue.

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    Mountfield’s Autocomplete Conversion Rate Increased by 67%

    Luigi's Box helped the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to increase their autocomplete conversions.

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    Higher Customer Satisfaction Both in Online and Offline Spheres

    Autocomplete and Search Analytics helped EXIsport increase its search conversion rate.

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    Improve the user experience for visitors and provide everyone with relevant, tailored product recommendations.

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