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A Look Through Luigi’s Box: WordPress Swiftype Alternative

Considering a shift from Swiftype? Luigi's Box is the alternative you need. With its advanced features and thoughtful design, it stands out as a perfect choice for e-commerce executives.

Why make the switch to Luigi's Box? Well, it enhances the e-commerce search experience by offering a customizable search bar and optimizes customer engagement using its AI-powered search.

Swiftype vs. Luigi's Box

Compare Swiftype with Luigi's Box

Swiftype is a great solution when it comes to providing relevant content to online visitors via search queries. However, Search from Luigi's Box can do so much more. Take a look at what our solutions can do for your website.

Luigi's Box
Advanced Language Processing Top-notch processing of European languages, including CEE.
Personalization Tailor-made search results, recommendations, and product ranking for each individual customer
Recommender Personalized product recommendations.
Multiplatform Analytics Analytics is compatible with any search engine.
Advanced Ranking Product ranking based on context and user preferences
Merchandising Product promotion with banners and product pins
Product Listing All the perks of advanced ranking in the navigation product list.
Offline A/B Test See the results before going live without any risks.
AI/Machine Learning AI/ML to personalize the shopping experience.
Voice Search Search for products without the need for typing.
Last update: 24/05/2023

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What makes Luigi’s Box better?

Luigi’s Box is a leading choice in e-commerce due to its advanced product listing feature, analytics tailored for informed decision-making, personalized user engagement capabilities, product filtering for refined search, and much more.

Product listing

The advanced product listing feature of Luigi's Box enables customers to get a personalized list of products based on their search analytics. This boosts customer satisfaction by facilitating easy access to their desired products.

Impactful search analytics

Analytics track valuable insights such as customers' search queries, as well as pinpointing both strengths and weaknesses of your content type. This data-driven approach enables you to make more informed decisions that can optimize your online store, ultimately leading to happier customers.

Customizable search

The intuitive search customization feature offers search results templates that ensure your potential customers get personalized search results, enhancing their overall product search experience. This also fosters increased engagement and a higher conversion rate.

Category filters

The filtering option contributes to a user-friendly interface by providing drop-down suggested search results tailored to customer preferences. This not only streamlines the search activity but also gives your potential customer an intuitive interface.

How to pick a Swiftype alternative?

When choosing an alternative for Swiftype, the version of the search service must be fully featured to outcompete WP extended search features. Here's a rundown of features to look for in the ideal alternative:

Affordable pricing plans
Affordable pricing plans

When considering an alternative to Swiftype, affordability and flexible pricing plans are the main factors. The chosen alternative should not only be budget-friendly but also have a track record of providing consistent pricing plans for the long term.

Customizable search box
Customizable search box

Choose the alternative that offers a customizable search option with powerful search plugins, allowing you to fine-tune the search bar to meet the specific needs of your customers. This feature not only enhances customer experience but also contributes to a more user-friendly interface, ensuring an accurate search solution for the potential buyer who lands at your store.

Filtering options
Filtering options

The chosen alternative should include advanced faceted search options. This search feature allows users to set filter types, ensuring they receive search results that are most relevant to the product they are looking for.

Positive user feedback
Positive user feedback

Looking through positive user feedback and testimonials is as crucial as evaluating other features. Having this information readily available gives a firsthand account of the positive experiences others have had with the search software and helps in better decision-making. Use G2, Capterra, and similar platforms to learn about the rating of the search software.


If you find decision-making challenging, the insights from others’ feedback and experiences can make it easy for you to choose what’s best. Have a look at what the users of Luigi’s Box from around the globe have to say about it on G2.

Great product for customers, great support. Very helpful for growing revenue.


The biggest benefit is outsourcing our search to a platform that is created and managed by a team of professionals, saving our time for other issues in our development of customers on our site. We are satisfied with the performance.

Great product for customers, great support. Very helpful for growing revenue.


Good search engine and recommender that can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have a very large product offer.

Leader in E-Commerce Search

Leader in E-Commerce Search

March 2024, G2

Why is Luigi’s Box a suitable Swiftype alternative

As an advanced search solution, Luigi’s Box offers distinctive features and advantages that fully transform the default WordPress search experience, which sets it apart from Swiftype. Based on relevant search engine solutions, here are some standout features that Luigi’s Box brings to the table:

Custom search

At Luigi’s Box, customers take the lead. It distinguishes itself through full-text searches and advanced customization options, providing users with the tools to seamlessly integrate the search interface with their website’s design – a feature not offered by Swiftype. This handy interface feature ensures a more personalized experience for the customer.

Moreover, Luigi’s Box stands out with its AI-driven integration platform. This system analyzes customer needs using custom search forms and offers recommendations that suit them the best, ensuring that each customer gets a personalized and fantastic search experience.

User-friendly analytics

Luigi’s Box provides user-friendly analytics and integration tools that help obtain deep search insights from visitors’ searches, including the identification of popular search terms. This streamlines the optimization of the search function of your website.

With this information at your fingertips, Luigi’s Box enables the precise showcasing of the right products to the right customers at the right time. Additionally, Luigi’s Box goes beyond built-in search functionality by offering merchandising features. This includes the ability to display product banners, bundles, and more, effectively influencing customers and encouraging purchases.

Offline testing option

Luigi’s Box has an innovative A/B testing feature, which lets you analyze user engagement with products or blog searches. This approach proves effective in optimizing return on investment (ROI).

By testing the solution offline, potential challenges that could pose harm to your business are identified and mitigated beforehand, including testing with different search servers for enhanced performance.

WordPress integration

As a cloud-based search platform, Luigi’s Box seamlessly integrates with WordPress, offering a superior alternative to the default WordPress search function while maximizing the search capabilities of your WordPress website by replacing the standard search widget with its built-in one.

With easy implementation, it entirely transforms the search feature on WordPress sites, providing users with an enhanced and efficient way to discover content and products.

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More Tools

What's in the box


Comprehensive analytics that identifies issues with search queries and helps find out how to optimize and improve them for better results.


Smart search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, considerably reducing wasteful shopping time. 


Personalized boxes with product recommendations help raise the average order value and can be placed anywhere on the website.

Product Listing

Personalized product listing pages, organized in a way that enhances browsing experience, supports your business goals and increases revenue.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How easy is it to switch from Swiftype to Luigi's Box?

    Unlike complex integrations of most search solutions like Swiftype and others, Luigi’s Box offers simple one-step integration into your e-commerce website simply by replacing the default WordPress search tool, eliminating many common issues users often face. Plus, it also offers faster load times even for large, content-heavy websites.

    Is Luigi's Box suitable for e-commerce websites?

    Luigi’s Box is the perfect choice for e-commerce websites. Its advanced features, such as AI-powered search options and insights, advanced filters, personalized recommendations, and merchandising, attract customers like none other.

    How does Luigi's Box optimize your site's search function?

    Luigi’s Box offers flexible integration and user-friendly analytics tools, offering deep insights into search behavior to optimize your site’s search function for both desktop and mobile app interface.

    Can I try Luigi's Box for free before committing to a subscription?

    Yes. Luigi’s Box offers a free account option without the need for a credit card, allowing you to explore its features and benefits at no cost before making any decisions.