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Synonyms can be a nightmare for standard website search features. Often returning “no results found” for an inquiry simply because it couldn’t recognize the similar word or phrase which would have led the customer to exactly the product they wanted on your site. 

Luigi’s Box Search uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to counteract such issues by creating a recommended synonyms list for you and even allows you to create your own synonyms so your search performs optimally, no matter what your visitors type. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

In your Catalog Management dashboard, you’ll find the tabs Synonyms and Synonym Recommendations. The Synonyms tab is where you can create your own synonyms and associate them with a word or phrase in your existing catalog. Adding your synonyms is as easy as clicking the Create New Synonym button and inputting the word or phrase from your catalog.

Make sure to be diligent when choosing your synonyms as some can be unnecessary or even damaging to your potential sales. See the following examples from the Electronics segment:

catalog word synonym Why is this good?
s bags vacuum cleaner bags Search results will include S-bags also when the query is vacuum cleaner bags.
catalog word synonym Why is this unnecessary?
applewatch apple watch Luigi’s Box AI is able to deal with such queries without having to set up a synonym in your dashboard.
catalog word synonym Why is this damaging?
qled qled samsung Search results will include QLED TVs of all brands when the user wanted to see only Samsung QLED TVs.

Catalog Management dashboard also includes the Synonym Recommendations tab. That’s where Luigi’s Box artificial intelligence and machine learning have done the work for you and created a list of recommended synonyms based on past user behavioral data.

You have the option to edit, apply or ignore each of the recommended synonyms, so you can ensure their accuracy before implementing them in your website’s search feature. Checking this list regularly will save you time and help you improve your overall search performance.

Now that you’re a true wordsmith with the help of Luigi’s Box synonyms and synonym recommendations, your website’s search is much improved! Make sure to check out our article on Boosted Items vs Boosted Terms so you’re truly getting the most out of Luigi’s Box Search.

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