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  • We come from an academic background. Our product is built on years of research. We're excellent at what we do.
  • Ranked as the best search for e‑commerce in the world on G2 several times.
  • More than 2,000 e‑shops already use our products in almost 30 languages.
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    What is the price for your products?

    Luigi’s Box product pricing is usage-based. Provide us with general information about your e‑shop, select the products you are interested in, and we will prepare a fair personalized offer for you. The offer is non-binding.

    Does it matter what platform I have my e‑shop built on?

    No, it doesn’t. You can use Luigi’s Box products with any platform.

    Will Luigi's Box slow down my website?

    No. Our tools don’t affect your website’s performance and function independently from its capacity.

    Will the integration require my IT team?

    Integration can be done without any need for coding. First, you insert a script into your website header, and then we’ll sync your products. After, we implement the recommendation boxes, matching your website design.

    Is the personal data of my customers safe?

    Totally. We don’t collect any personal data. To make our tools effective, we only use anonymized data about visitors’ interactions with the website – clicks, searches, shopping cart content, etc.