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  • Learn how Luigi’s Box works and how our tools can improve your website’s user experience.
  • Find out how our artificial intelligence and machine learning work to create an optimal shopping experience that can increase your earnings.
  • Let us explain and show you how to implement Luigi’s Box and how easy it is to manage each of our products with little effort.
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    G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews from the user community. We’re proud to say that our solution is amongst the growth momentum leaders based on high user satisfaction and market share. Learn what makes us a popular choice directly from experienced Luigi’s Box users.

    G2 Research Scoring

    Great product for customers, great support. Very helpful for growing revenue.


    The biggest benefit is outsourcing our search to a platform that is created and managed by a team of professionals, saving our time for other issues in our development of customers on our site. We are satisfied with the performance.

    Great product for customers, great support. Very helpful for growing revenue.


    Good search engine and recommender that can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have a very large product offer.

    Leader in E-Commerce Search

    Leader in E-Commerce Search

    March 2024, G2

    Trusted by more than 3,000 online businesses

    Learn how Luigi’s Box helps businesses worldwide

    Read our clients' success stories and discover how Luigi’s Box helped them improve their online businesses, increase their earnings, grow their customer base, and improve conversions.


    average conversion rate

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    search conversion rate

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    search conversion rate

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    autocomplete conversions

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    +100,000 €

    on top of standard yearly revenue

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    conversion rate of selected product segment

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    Recommender CTR

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    + 15%

    increase revenue

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    Frequently asked questions

    Take a look at the list of most common questions about Luigi’s Box demo and learn what you need to know.

    What is the purpose of the demo call?

    The demo call’s main purpose is to familiarize you with Luigi’s Box set of products and learn how our advanced search and discovery tools can benefit your website.

    What will you learn on the demo call with our experts?

    You will learn how our tools, artificial intelligence, and machine learning work to improve the search, discovery, and shopping experience on your e-commerce site. We will familiarize you with topics such as the processing of languages in search, how our tools fit into the UI and UX of your website, and what kind of benefits you can expect from choosing Luigi’s Box.

    How long does the call take?

    We treat each client individually, so you can expect a tailor-made experience where we’ll answer all of your questions. The call length is flexible depending on your time, preferences, and interest. We also make a short, 15-minute call before each interview where we ask essential questions about your business and use the answers to prepare a personalized, full-length demo call.

    Is the demo call free?

    Yes, the demo call is completely free, and there are no strings attached. You can get the information you need, and we won’t expect you to decide immediately.