Our mission

Bring seamless product discovery experience to every single customer.

We believe that

E-shops must stop being just a static presentation of goods.

The birth of Luigi’s Box

We all do shop online nowadays and are faced with really bad search experience way too often. Being striked with this negative experience while realising that we are able and would love to make this problem disappear were the main driving force to launch Luigi’s Box.

E-commerce website should be a set of mutually cooperating and smart features.

We call it overall shopping experience.

And that’s what we do

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Team members

Radoslav Balajka

CEO & co-founder

Tomáš Kramár

CTO & co-founder

Michal Barla

CPO & co-founder

Gejza Nagy

BD & co-founder

Gabriela Marková

Customer Success Manager

Ondrej Kaššák

Data Scientist

Pavol Sopko

Backend Developer

Matúš Gáspár

Integration Specialist

Alexandra Nálepková

Account Executive

Jozef Žiak

Account Executive

Dominik Žilka

Integration Specialist

Tomáš Lach

Backend Developer

Lenka Kelemenová

Office Manager

Jakub Janeček

Machine Learning Engineer

Life at Luigi’s box