Partner organizations
    and integrations
    with other services

    We offer various forms of integration of our tools
    so everyone can use them. We're building a network
    of partners who help their clients create better
    e‑shops. We are compatible with any
    e‑commerce platform.

    Luigi's Box API

    We care about making our tools as easy to integrate as possible. For more demanding clients, backend integration is also available.

    We support everyone that helps
    e‑commerce companies improve
    product discovery experience.

    Shorten and enhance the product discovery journey. With the help of dynamic facets, we can determine which filters are suitable for which product category, and the customer will see only those relevant to him.

    Partner agencies

    Our partners are also agencies dedicated to the complex development of e‑shops. Want to join us?

    • Creative Sites
    • Effectix
    • iFOCUS
    • Pecka Design

    E‑commerce platforms

    Our tools are compatible with all e‑commerce platforms. Learn more about integrations here.

    Luigi's Box as a one-click add-on

    After the first click, you can start using Luigi's Box on these platforms. Learn more about integrations here.

    Want to become our partner?

    Join us on our mission to improve e‑shop customer experience by providing top-notch product discovery tools.