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Luigi's Box is a product discovery tool for e-commerce with easy setup. However, for successful integration, you need to make several different decisions.

Therefore, we prepared a list of the most used integration options to help you understand the full scope of the integration and help you choose the best way.

So, you are at the very beginning of our common journey. To use our services, you need to have a functioning e-shop already. If you meet this point, we can move on. Now it is time to decide which path to choose.

We call the integration options crossroads. At each crossroad, you can decide whether to manage the integration by yourself or whether Luigi’s Box experts will handle the integration.

However, if you have an e-shop built on our partner platforms, you don’t have to consider the options. Read on to learn more about it.

How will the product data be delivered to us in Luigi’s Box?

LBX is compatible with any e-commerce platform.

Data synchronization

Luigi’s Box needs up-to-date data about products, categories, brands, and (optionally) articles. To synchronize the data, you can use feeds or API.

To help you decide how to implement data synchronization, here are the main differences:

Platform connectors

If you run on a supported platform, we can set up data connectors, so there’s no development cost on your side. We can pull all the data that we need:

  • Shopify
  • Shoptet
  • commercetools
  • BSShop
  • WordPress/Woocommerce
  • Prestashop

Content updates API

Data will be pushed to our servers. Therefore, you are only sending updates to products when they change.

  • Real-time synchronization = no delay in data synchronization
  • Less data transfer between our systems
  • The integration requires development on your side
API Documentation


Data will be downloaded from your servers. If there is a change to the product, we will only know about it once the feed is processed next time, but this does not mean that the information will reach us later. This is because we process feeds more often and at periodic intervals. In addition, we support two types of feeds – Product feed and one smaller, so-called Availability feed, with product ID, number of products in stock and price, or possibly other parameters that change frequently, where processing is faster.

  • Easy and fast to implement
  • Feed processing can be scheduled at arbitrary intervals
  • More frequent processing
  • Feeds are not real-time like, for example, data integrated via API. We regularly download feeds and synchronize several times a day, but some data may become outdated between two syncs

How will search results and recommendations reach end customers?

Luigi’s Box Search & Autocomplete can learn the best results ordering. In order to get that and to take advantage of personalized and other advanced recommendations by Luigi’s Box Recommender, you should first:

Autocomplete, Search, and Recommender implemented by Luigi’s Box team

This option is perfect for small businesses without a development team of experts.

We provide upgrades to the service. If there’s a new feature released that requires updates to the integration, our team will do it.

Your only responsibility is coordinating HTML and CSS updates with us; otherwise, the design and functionality will break.

  • No development required from your side
  • No control from your side - if you want to do any changes, you have to contact our support

Autocomplete self-managed integration

The implementation options are as follows:

Luigi's Box Widget

We recommend this process of integration as the easiest and most performant. The only thing to do is simply configure the provided JavaScript widget.

  • Fast and mobile-optimized layout
  • Development knowledge required (LBX experts can provide starter configuration)

Backend integration

We recommend this process of integration for rare use cases. Since your backend has access to the database and the currently signed-in user, you can load the correct product pricing.

If you choose this integration option you have to know that there will be no visual change to your existing autocomplete box.

So if you want to autocomplete from Luigi’s Box, you should choose another option.

  • Relatively easy integration, just by swapping the API call on your backend
  • Autocomplete must be fast to serve its purpose. Proxying Luigi’s Box API calls via your backend adds extra latency.

Frontend integration via your custom widget

For more demanding clients, frontend integration via your custom widget is also available.

  • You have complete control but take no performance penalty since you interact directly with Luigi's Box API from the frontend
  • Development knowledge required

Search & Recommender

self-managed integration

The implementation options are as follows:

Luigi's Box libraries

You use Luigi’s Box libraries – search.js and recco.js where you provide configuration and custom HTML templates. We recommend this method as relatively easy to implement, but it requires development on your side.

Still, we can provide starter configuration and all help and support, should you need it.

The libraries are designed for rapid development, integrate directly with Luigi’s Box APIs, and support the latest API features.

  • Even the most advanced features are easy to configure
  • Libraries are written in vue.js and may not play nicely with web apps written in React

Backend integration

We recommend this process of integration for demanding web and mobile applications.

This method is relatively easy to implement, all you need to do is to change the API call to Luigi’s Box API and update the filters rendering.

There’s no visual change on the search results page.

You benefit from the improved search and ranking and from the searchandizing features.

  • The integration allows you to handle different product pricing levels
  • If we release a new feature that requires updates to the API calls, you have to take care of the implementation


Search analytics is the foundation of successful integration. It provides data for the AI for all products and, on the other hand, lets you see the impact that Luigi’s Box has on your e-commerce store’s economic performance. To help you decide how to implement our analytics, here are the main differences:

Analytics implementation by LBX experts

Luigi’s Box team can implement the analytics tracking entirely on our side without any development effort on your side.

  • There is a team of experts from LBX that takes care of the services
  • Visible results in analytics in 2 days
  • At least 30kb tracking script to launch
  • Not resilient to changes


When using this approach, you embed a specially crafted JSON into your HTML, through which you will deliver information about the search and recommendation results your users see on the web and help LBX understand your website content.

  • Easy & fast implementation
  • JSON is resilient to changes - you can change the design, but data collection will work reliably
  • Cannot be used for mobile apps tracking
  • At least 18kb tracking script

Events API

We recommend this process for more advanced use cases such as mobile apps or demanding websites that do not want to pull 3rd party script dependencies.

  • The most control over the use of the services and customization
  • Can be used for mobile apps
  • Requires more development time than JSON

Reach out to us if you need a consultation or feel you have a particular use case not mentioned in this list.

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Luigi's Box visual dashboard

Visual dashboard

Comprehensive analytics dashboard with all the stats you need to monitor your customers’ online behavior and optimize performance of your e-shop.

Trending searches and items

See in real time what your visitors are looking for, and be prepared to have everything in stock!

Query detail

Analyze how are your e-shop items ordered on specific queries. By optimal item ordering, you can increase the conversion rate.

Item detail

See which queries visitors used to find the specific item. You can also see the other items they were looking for.


Getting started with Luigi’s Box services is very straightforward.

However, to make it even easier, we’ve prepared a procedure for you to insert a piece of code using Google Tag Manager and benefit from Luigi’s Box today.

How to insert code using GTM can be found here.

GTM Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is analytics always required at the start? For example, can a client choose and use a product from LBX even without input analytics or data synchronization first?

Analytics is a mandatory part of each of our services, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the beginning, but it’s ideal if analytics precedes the rest by at least a couple of weeks. It shouldn’t happen that you have a search, product listing, or recommender from us, but you don’t have analytics.

Can the products be implemented separately? For example, the Analytics can be implemented by LBX experts, and Search implements the client himself.

At each crossroad, you make a new decision. You can do the Analytics through LBX (the most common case), supply us with feeds, and implement Search on the backend later.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, for sure. Once you see no added value from Luigi’s Box features, you can simply uninstall the application from your online store or send us a cancellation request to our email

Can you fix my search?

Yes. If you want to improve your search, you have to start to measure it. So, start with our smart search analytics, it is a real eye-opener. It will tell you all the relevant information about the performance of your search & navigation elements of your online store, what are your hot searches, what sections of your store are struggling to deliver relevant results and where you are losing people’s attention. Next, you can fix all the problems with our Fixit functionalities or various types of APIs.

Can I replace my search with Luigi’s Box?

Yes, we provide our own autocomplete & search solutions, giving your visitors the ultimate tools to discover your products as efficiently as possible.

Do you have more questions?

You can check Luigi’s Box Support Section or contact us via email at We will try to reply you within a couple of minutes.