Discover How Luigi's Box Works for Industries

Learn more about how various e-commerce business owners benefit from our advanced features. What should you focus on the most? Why is intelligent search software crucial? What other features does your website need to rank among the best? This and much more you can read on the following pages. We have also prepared detailed reports about our success stories.

Luigi's Box will help you with every struggle.


Increase your search conversion by over 32% with Luigi's Box advanced search and comprehensive analytics.


Do your customers struggle with finding exact products because of their name? See how LBX autocomplete feature helped one of the biggest pharmacies.


Do your customers often leave your website because they can't find what they came for? LBX can help with the exit rate as well.


LBX will help you increase your standard revenue. Learn more about the magic we can do with your e-commerce business.


Help your customers find their favorite author or a specific book whose whole name customers do not know in a couple of seconds.

B2B & SaaS

Learn about the importance of advanced search and its features in the B2B & SaaS industry with easy no-code self-service integration.

Furniture & Household

Discover all the features your online store should have to maximize sales and satisfy your customers, who will happily return to you.

Pets, Garden & DIY

Provide your site visitors with intuitive navigation and tailored product recommendations, guaranteeing them the best customer experience.

Hobby & Stationery

Avoid losing customers because they cannot find products that you have. Help them get to their desired products easier and recommend additional to higher revenue.

Sports & Outdoor

Provide your site visitors with intuitive navigation and tailored product recommendation, guaranteeing them the best customer experience.

Toys & Baby

Learn about all features that can help your customers get to their desired products and also encourage them to buy even more.

Industrial Supplies

Find out what advantages Luigi's Box offers for online stores offering vast quantities of goods and services.

Cosmetics & Body Care

Improve your online store with smart Luigi's Box features, delight customers with pleasant shopping experiences, and enjoy higher sales.


Simplify customers' access to necessary information and search for products and services on your telco website.

Financial Services

Help your customers easily browse your products and services and simplify navigation through documents on your financial services website.

Luigi’s Box is an e-commerce solution trusted by more than 2000 e-shops worldwide