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What is an e‑commerce search?

An e‑commerce search is a software tool that helps people find the information they looking for using product name keywords or phrases that you can integrate into your website, app, or store. When customers browse online stores, they often look for an exact item. That's where search boxes enter the scene. But, many vendors who understand the importance of having quality online stores know that the visible search field on their website is not enough.

Is your search effective or are your customers feel stuck in a maze every time they enter your store? Powerful search tools can help you increase conversion rate, decrease exit rate, improve search and overall shopping experience, and many more. Read more about what smart search engines should do and how a powerful search engine can become a game changer for your e‑commerce websites or stores.

Luigi's Box Search

We at Luigi’s Box also understand that only attractive search bars do not make our clients’ huge revenue. That’s why Luigi’s Box Search offers the best search experience with AI‑powered site searches that personalize websites to customers’ intent, modify search results, and speed up customers’ pathways to desired products.

Search features work with typos and synonyms and AI understands search queries’ intent always to display relevant results. Search enables you to create one product with multiple variations and pricing based on geographical location and also to rank search results to show only relevant results for a particular area. The intelligent search comes hand in hand with Search analytics.

Luigi’s Box Analytics gives you a quick overview of your search function and insights on how many 0-Results pages your customer gets. Also, detailed content analysis helps you understand how customers get to your main content, and if you are using relevant keywords and query suggestions. What your customers struggle to find and vice versa, what they are looking for the most.

Best features for e‑commerce stores

Among other key features of e‑commerce that Luigi’s Box offers belongs Luigi’s Box Recommender, which boosts user experience by displaying product suggestions personalized with artificial intelligence. Relevant products are displayed to every customer based on his previous online behavior and preferences and assure visitors that they’re in the right place and enhance customer experience. Recommender also suggests alternatives to sold-out products or, on the contrary, the most popular products on your e‑commerce site.

Luigi’s Box Product Listing feature for online stores which offer a wide variety of goods and services. Many customers are likely to get more information about the product before buying. Luigi’s Box Product listing feature helps customers quickly search and give them product descriptions and other helpful information about the entire range of products in one go.

Convert potential customers to loyal ones with these advanced features and increase your sales. You can start today by creating a free account to provide analytics on your website and earn what you dreamed of. In addition, our tools don’t affect your website’s performance and function independently from its capacity.

Luigi’s Box is compatible with all e‑commerce platforms.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features

So, what are the exact benefits of using Luigi’s Box on your website? First, let’s show you some numbers. Luigi’s Box AI‑powered search understands customer searches and thus creates an opportunity to personalize your website to the intent of your customers. Personalized search suggestions lead to an increase in the conversion rate by more than 35%. It’s essential to show the results within a few seconds. The results are displayed using the autocomplete feature in search boxes before the customer presses the search button, which improves user experience.

Luigi’s Box Recommender feature suggests, besides relevant products suggestion also, alternatives to unavailable products and raises the chance of customer retention on your site. It also motivates your customers to see more of your products by recommending the most popular or most purchased products. All these recommendations can influence buying decisions and increase average shopping cart value by 25%. With product recommendations, customers are 56% more likely to return to your e‑commerce store and buy again because of an excellent customer experience.

Using the Product listing feature saves a lot of time for the customer and speeds up the buying process, leading to an increase in your average sales by up to 12% and an average return on investments by 600%. And what else can happy customers leave you except their purchase? Excellent customer reviews will signal that your e‑shop is reliable and provides a fantastic user experience. Your customers always leave your store happy, bringing you even more customers and revenue. People of Luigi’s Box combine all their knowledge to help you break through in the e‑commerce market and always be on the first bars of successful e‑commerce stores.

See how Mountfield increased their autocomplete conversion rate by 67% with Luigi’s Box

Even the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 77 brick-and-mortar stores, understood that the importance of online sales increased. And they also realized that having online stores for that range of products is not that easy. They were losing customers because of unoptimized search, which could not work with typos and slow autocomplete.

So, their first challenge was to improve their site search. That is when Mountfield chose Luigi’s Box Analytics which results led to the implementation of the Autocomplete feature. Thanks to more relevant autocomplete results, Mountfield achieved an increase in conversion rate and number of conversions even with fewer clicks.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Mountfield case study

Wondering how Recommender significantly increase conversions? Learn from our case study with

Luigi’s Box Recommender offers recommendations tailored to each customer using AI. Personalized boxes can be placed anywhere on your website. In the case of recommendations in the shopping cart increased the conversion rate by 50%. The number of assisted conversions was 1.8x higher and we also noticed an increase in click-through rate to 4.7% thanks to recommendations in the product detail.

Recommendations were also deployed on category pages, which caused these recommendations to reach almost five times as many conversions. So is using recommendations worth it? The answer is an absolute yes. Custom-made recommendations can reduce cart abandonment rate, increase average order value, extend the time spent on the website, and, last but not least, can help your e‑shop to stand out among your competition.

So, what do you think?

Naureus case study

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the e‑commerce search so important on an e‑commerce website?

If you are an owner of an e‑commerce site, search should be your priority number one. Search users are 70% more likely to buy your products which increases your sales. And even more, if you optimize your site search functionality, you have a higher chance of converting visitors into loyal customers. That is because intelligent search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, dramatically reducing wasteful shopping time, which definitely improves customers’ shopping and browsing experience. For example, imagine that you waste hours of time on a website just to find a t-shirt with a specific color or cut.

What are the essential search features?

Essential search should have features like autocomplete with typo and synonyms management and always should display relevant results. Among online customers belongs many mobile users. Therefore your search should be optimized not only for the desktop version but for mobile as well and showcase a visible and readily available search field to put their search term in, offering a voice search feature for even faster access to goods. An optimized search process brings you higher conversion rates, decreases bounce rates, and more satisfied customers with a desire to come back to your online store and buy again.

What is the price range of Luigi's Box?

Luigi’s Box pricing is tailor-made. Tailor-made pricing means that prices vary based on a customized plan matching user needs. You can use any or all Luigi’s Box products: Luigi’s Box Search, Luigi’s Box Analytics, Luigi’s Box Recommender, and Luigi’s Box Product listing. There is also an option for a 14-day free trial for Luigi’s Box Analytics. Just create a free account to start, and we will take care of the magic. This kind of pricing ensures that businesses pay only for the Luigi’s Box products they use.

Why is Luigi's Box a suitable search provider?

Luigi’s Box is an e‑commerce solution trusted by more than 2000 e‑shops worldwide. From the beginning of its journey, the company got several awards for its analytics or search. Luigi’s Box integration consists of four easy steps without any IT skills or knowledge and has a great team of specialists that are the best in what they do and helpful customer service. Luigi’s Box offers several features to get from your business the most. Luigi’s Box is a unique technological solution with tailored-made pricing suitable for any e‑commerce business.