Luigi's Box Product Listing

    Personalized product listing pages are organized to enhance the browsing experience, support your business goals, and significantly increase your e‑commerce store’s profits.

    Customers can easily find the product they need, check its characteristics in detail, compare it with other offers, view product reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

    What is Luigi's Box Product Listing designed to:

    • Automatically improve lists of relevant or popular categories
    • Promote specific products within the listings in the category without disrupting their relevance
    • Business logic is always applied to a relevant product list so you don't decrease the customer experience


    Customers only check the first page of product listings


    Average click-through position of products in listings


    Visitors use the navigation to browse products

    Increase your sales with automated
    product ranking

    A product listing page is a part of a website that presents a list of products based on a category or search query for different sales channels. It is an essential element of the customers’ e‑commerce experience as it directs potential customers to product detail pages and, thus, closer to purchase.

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    How it works? It's pretty simple

    Integration consists of four easy steps, without the need for your IT team.

    Create an account

    You only need a few minutes to enter basic data, and you can create an account for free.

    Insert the script

    Insert one line of code into your e‑shop's header or use Google Tag Manager.

    Start improving

    After launching Analytics, you will discover new ways to achieve better results.

    Keep exploring

    Decide if you want to unlock your e‑shop's potential with additional services.

    Luigi's Box integration is very
    simple and time-saving

    We used the best of Search in navigation and created a personalized list of categories and products. Personalized category content results take navigation to a new level of customer interaction with content and lead to higher shopping cart value.

    Don't give your customers
    a reason to leave your e‑shop

    It doesn’t matter if you own one or multiple online marketplaces. As an online business owner, you should constantly enhance the customer experience if you don’t want your potential customers to leave without return.

    Correct product
    ranking is crucial

    Visitors can’t buy something if they can’t find it or don’t understand your page layout. Luigi’s Box automatically ranks your products based on popularity, personal taste, intent during a visitor’s session, and business logic. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

    Luigi’s Box automatically ranks
    your products based on:


    Sort results based on user behavior, sales statistics, business rules, personalization, and more.


    Sort products by any attribute relevant to the product listing, including popularity, price, newest or oldest.


    Sort products by popularity determined by web-wide clicks, add-to-cart, purchase events, or other data sources such as sales data or CRM.


    Eliminate all manual work with goods. Luigi's Box will evaluate products automatically based on unique algorithms.


    Your online store can take a leading position in search engines if you improve the presentation of product pages. Promote specific products, brands, or categories, or rank the product lists in an order that works best for your business goals.

    Personalized Experience

    People usually visit the website several times before buying. Our technology understands their intent and preferences and streamlines the experience for future visits.

    With Luigi’s Box Product Listing, your e‑commerce store can be optimized since navigation through categories is simplified, improving customer satisfaction.

    Advanced Product Ranking

    We understand the content structure and how the visitors interact with it to rank products in a way that prompts purchases. When ranking, behavioral and conversion rates always have colossal importance.

    After integrating the product listing, your e‑shop will rank higher in search engines. In addition, increased traffic can lead to better quality, competitiveness, and ranking increase.

    Dynamic Filters

    Help users refine their search results by dynamically showing them the most relevant query-based filters. Different sets of filters are relevant to different product categories. It makes sense to filter t-shirts by color, but it’s nonsense for CDs.

    Bring your customers closer to the products they are looking for. Get AI-powered navigation with personalized and relevant results tailored to your visitors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an e‑commerce product listing?

    Product listing is a separate category page of eCommerce channels for items or services online sellers sell, which contains a list of certain items, including products, services, etc. It helps e‑commerce sellers to drive sales and conversions by giving consumers more information about the entire range of products in one go.

    Why is product listing important?

    Product listing pages help search engine robots, and Internet users quickly search for what they are precisely looking for. Thus, product listing improves customer success with eCommerce platforms.

    What is the difference between the product listing, product detail pages, and product catalog?

    A Product detail page contains information about each product or service you sell separately. A product catalog contains all commercial product information, enabling product marketing managers to define and map new product offerings. A Product listing page simply lists all products within a specific category or products that have been filtered.

    What is the best product listing software?

    If you are an owner of a B2B software solution or SaaS company, your business should be built on software listing sites. Among the best ones, you can discover multichannel listing software such as Shopify, Amazon, Solid Commerce, and other significant marketplaces where ECommerce sellers can create and edit their listings across multiple e‑commerce sites. Luigi’s Box Product listing software also suited smaller e‑shops with a single platform for a more affordable price for their business models.