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Luigi’s Box Search

AI-powered site search. Help your customers find what they are looking for, personalize your website to their intent, and raise conversions by more than 35%.

Visitors who use search are 70% more likely to buy your products.

Stop losing customers because they couldn’t find the products you actually have.
The impact of Luigi’s Box on search conversions is proven in multiple case studies across all segments.

Intuitive search allows you to:

Consider customers’ online behavior

When searching “antivirus”, search results can return notebooks with built in antivirus packages. However, customers looking for antiviruses don’t necessarily care about notebooks. Our AI is able to prioritize antiviruses, even though both products contain the searched term.

Expand abroad easily

When expanding abroad, you have to deal with localization. With us, you certainly won’t have to worry about your search. Different languages are not a problem for us. Luigi’s Box is used in 27 countries.

Modify search results

On average, 13% of searches return no results. Our clients keep this number between 1% and 5%. Our search can deal with typos, synonyms or diacritics.

Autocomplete queries

Autocomplete is a tool that speeds up a customers’ pathway to desired products and provides instant feedback to their queries. Autocomplete shows the search results before you press ENTER. It’s important that it reacts from the very first keystroke, giving the visitor an easier way to search.

Personalize search from the first interaction

Based on visitors’ clicks on products, categories, brands or filters, we can predict their intent and preferences. The more interactions they made, the better the website content personalization and search results relevance.

Standard search is not enough

yes, but no
Feature Luigi’s Box Search Standard search
Full-text score ranking
Match quality ranking
Business metrics ranking ?
Most search engines do consider business metrics. However, they do it superficially – not related to the particular query. Luigi’s Box ranks search results in a more complex way.
Typo tolerance ?
Typo tolerance may not always do good. Results containing iPhones 6 are not desired if the query was iPhone 7.
Advanced filtering UI ?
Histograms for numerical facets.
Dynamic filters ?
Standard search uses a static set of filters. Luigi’s Box considers context. T-shirts are filtered by color and size, vinyls by release date.
No results prevention ?
Luigi’s Box uses different techniques (like NLP), to avoid searches bringing no results.
Typo correction ?
It’s better to correct the typo before the search and provide accurate results, than show multiple variations of the entered query.
Product variants
Grammatical forms ?
Different case or plural form? Problem for standard search. No problem for us. We use our own NLP modules for lemmatization.
Synonyms detection ?
Set up your own synonyms or use the suggestions generated by AI.
Product boosting
Query customization
Voice search

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Luigi’s Box Search features

Advanced Match Quality

Our ever-learning AI algorithm evaluates the match quality far beyond full-text. It understands the content structure and how the visitors interact with it.

Personalized Experience

Shoppers usually visit the website several times before buying. Our technology tracks their intent and streamlines the experience for future visits.


Promote the products of a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in an order that works best for you.

Typo Tolerance

Visitors might not care too much about their spelling. Deliver the newest iPhone even if the query is “ipohne 12”.

Synonyms Management

There might be different ways of naming one concept or product. Searching “fridge” won’t prevent you from selling refrigerators anymore.

AI-Driven Results

Our AI understands the query intent to always display relevant results.

Smart Product Codes

Product codes can have different formats. Whether the query is “145-XT/187”, “145 XT 187”, or “145XT187”, we’ve got it covered.

Dynamic Filters

The relevance of filters varies on product categories. It makes sense to filter t-shirts by color, but it’s nonsense for CDs.

Voice Search

Allow your customers to use their voice. They’ll appreciate it especially when using mobile devices.


Create account

Creating an account is free. Just fill in your website, email and phone.

Insert script

Insert a script into your page’s header or use the Tag Manager.

Sync products

Provide product catalogues through API or export XML feeds.

Launch Search

Search integration doesn’t necessarily require any coding.

The first step is launching search analytics. Decide whether you want to user other tools later.

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