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Luigi’s Box Search

AI-powered search that helps visitors find products they were looking for and boosts conversions.

Search-as-you-type autocomplete offering relevant results from the very first keystroke.

Constantly self-improved results thanks to machine learning and AI.

We all want instant results

Search is the quickest way to connect a buyer’s intent with an existing product. Visitors who use search are 70% more likely to buy a product than those who don’t.

  • Deliver relevant search results, everytime.
  • Slang, synonyms, and misspellings are no longer a problem.
  • Predict desired products without slowing down the website.

What’s in the Box?

Advanced Match Quality
Advanced Match Quality
Our ever-learning AI algorithm evaluates the match quality far beyond full-text. It understands the content structure and how the visitors interact with it.
Personalized Experience
Personalized Experience
Shoppers usually visit the website several times before buying. Our technology tracks their intent and streamlines the experience in the later visits.
Product Boosting
Promote the products of a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in an order that works best for you.
Typo Tolerance
Typo Tolerance
Visitors might not care too much about their spelling. Deliver the newest iPhone even if the query is “ipohne 12”.
Synonyms Management
Synonyms Management
There might be different ways of naming one concept or product. Searching “fridge” won’t prevent you from selling refrigerators anymore.
Understanding the Query Intent
AI-Driven Results
Our AI understands the query intent to always display relevant results.
Smart Product Codes
Smart Product Codes
Product codes can have different formats. Whether the query is “145-XT/187”, “145 XT 187”, or “145XT187”, we’ve got it covered.
Dynamic Filters
Dynamic Filters
The relevance of filters varies on product categories. It makes sense to filter t-shirts by color, but it’s nonsense for CDs.

Success Stories

See what the clients who use our Search say about us and check out the detailed case studies.

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