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Get the Most Out of Your E-Shop With Luigi's Box Analytics

Learn about your strengths and weaknesses with Luigi’s Box search & discovery Analytics. Use the data at your disposal to increase your conversions and create an even better shopping experience for your customers.

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Learn how your customers think with our Analytics

Learn how your customers interact with Luigi’s Box Search, Recommender, and Product Listing, and use the data to create the best shopping experience.

Trusted by more than 3,000 online businesses

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Main benefits

Here's how Luigi's Box Analytics can help your business improve

Luigi’s Box Analytics brings a variety of benefits that can help your business rise to success thanks to its comprehensive collection of data.

Track website performance

Track the health of your website with essential metrics that can reveal more about the performance and user experience.

Understand your customers

Knowledge is key, and that’s why it’s vital to have a tool that can help you understand how customers interact with your site.

Optimize for conversions

Analytics is great for optimizing conversions, thanks to its ability to show you accurate data about customer engagement.

Avoid missed opportunities

Recognize where you’re missing the most sales opportunities and remove the issues to increase your revenue continuously.

Video tutorial

Explore the magic behind Luigi's Box Analytics

Learn more about Luigi’s Box Analytics in the video tutorial with our Chief Product Officer.

Luigi's Box Analytics is the ideal tool for improving your website's user experience.

Get started with Luigi’s Box Analytics today and learn how to improve conversions, sales, and customer engagement on your e-commerce website in one go.

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Get to know your audience

See how shoppers interact with your products

Recognize the shoppers’ preferences and intentions when they interact with Luigi’s Box products. Use the data to learn and improve your conversions and sales.

What products are popular
What products are popular

The popularity of each product fluctuates, so it’s best to keep an eye on it to learn what deserves more attention. It’s a great way to boost sales and give customers what they want.

How do they find specific products
How do they find specific products

Each customer is unique, and so is their way of finding and discovering new products. Learn how each customer searches for what they want and tailor the experience to their preferences.

How many customers convert
How many customers convert

Track your conversions and see what your success rate is. You can measure what part of your audience converts from a visitor to a paying customer and use this data to improve the number.

What makes them leave
What makes them leave

Find out about exit rates on your website and decrease them. You can view the data about searches without results to see what keywords bring no results and use it to stock up on products that attract your customers.

How much Search earns you
How much Search earns you

Luigi’s Box Search is proven to bring you more earnings. Keep track of how much of your conversions and overall revenue comes from your customers engaging with Search.

How well Autocomplete performs
How well Autocomplete performs

Take a look at a complete overview of keywords for Autocomplete, and find out what phrases and keywords strings people use to find what they’re looking for.

How effective is the Recommender
How effective is the Recommender

Find out if the recommendations on your website are relevant for your customers. See the most popular items to discover the best performing products.

What is the average cart value
What is the average cart value

Find out how much your customers spend on average and push the number a bit further to increase the overall revenue with Luigi’s Box products and features.

Promote products that matter

Luigi’s Box advanced features include everything you need to help you promote any type of product. Use them to enhance product visibility, and your sales and conversions.

Make the most of bestsellers

One of the best tactics is to use data from Luigi’s Box Analytics and to prioritize products that have the best conversion rates when they’re not at the top of search results.

You can also sell these positions to brands that are interested in them.

Example: You discovered that certain products have higher conversion rates than others, so you prioritize those with high conversion rates and place them higher in the catalog to make sure you will get the most out of their sales.

Give the spotlight to the hot new products

Have you got something new and exciting in stock? Make sure to boost these novelty products in Search and Product Listing with our Product boosting feature so that they will get noticed right away and won’t get lost in the selection.

Example: New iPhones were just released. Obviously, you want them on the first position in the listings. However, it’s a new product without any customer engagement history so you turn on the item boosting and now they appear on top.

Move products you want to sell faster

If you want to get rid of stock that’s taking up your space, there’s nothing easier than to promote it with the use of our features.

Bring some extra attention to products you want to sell quickly so you can stock up on new things faster.

Example: You have a selection of laptops that will be outdated soon because a new release drops in no time. You boost these laptops to make sure they get noticed so your customers are more likely to buy them and make space for the new series.

Prioritize products that bring better profits

Each merchant has a particular selection of products that offer a significantly higher profit margin. You can easily promote them with Luigi’s Box advanced features, which include margin preference to ensure the best earnings.

Example: A particular brand of sneakers have pretty high margin so you want to take advantage of this situation. You boost the whole brand to ensure your customers won’t miss out on them and bring you higher profits.

Boost products that don't perform

Not every product that sells poorly is at fault. Some of them are just not visible enough and need some extra spotlight to let your customers know you have them.

Boost products that don’t sell well and ensure they will sell faster.

Example: A certain brand of smartphones doesn’t sell as well despite great reviews and price-performance ratio. You boost the brand in the listings to bring it to the top and help it get more impressions, thereby increasing the likelihood of product sales.
Backend vs Frontend

Stay in charge of search results

Add parameters to filtering items on the search result page or discard the current query and display all items.

Website View
Dashboard View

You can rewrite the current query to another and show its search results. You can add parameters to filtering items on the search result page or discard the current query and display all items from the catalog with filters.

Educated decision-making

Improve with data-driven decisions

Make better decisions to help your business grow further thanks to comprehensive data from Luigi’s Box Analytics. Take a look at a few examples of how you can use it to improve your site.

Address what makes users leave
Address what makes users leave

Learn what causes your website visitors to leave or why they’re not getting the results they want when using Search, and remove these issues in the future to maintain a good experience.

Raise relevancy with synonyms
Raise relevancy with synonyms

If you want to make sure that search results will stay on point, you can do so by identifying the keywords visitors use, and provide relevant synonym suggestions and custom keywords to maintain a good experience.

Customize product listings
Customize product listings

Boost the products you want to promote or pin them to any position in the product list. You can also manage product listing descriptions, customize facets, and more to make the most of product lists and visual merchandising.

Seamless implementation

Free start & easy integration

Integrating Luigi’s Box is incredibly easy, and you don’t need the help of IT experts. Simply enter your data, create a free account, and place the code into your website’s code. Try it out now with a free 30-day trial and see how it works in action!

Trusted by more than 3,000 online businesses

Free demo

Preview Luigi's Box Analytics with a free demo

Take a peek before you integrate. Our demo can show you how Luigi’s Box Analytics features work. Discover all the possibilities and examples of its usefulness for free.

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Get a warm welcome to the world of product search & discovery with our e-book. Catch up on the latest trends, learn new tips and tricks, and use them in practice along with Luigi’s Box Analytics to maximize the earning potential of your e-commerce website.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does the 30-day free trial include?

The free trial includes all the features from our live demo. Our self-service clients can during 30 days monitor, for example, searches without results, most searched queries on your website, or lost opportunities due to search imperfections.

What happens when free trial expires?

At the end of the free trial, we won’t automatically charge you for the service. Instead, the service will switch to the Limited mode, where the functions you could use in the free version will remain. Still, with a limitation – the application in limited mode will not show you all searches without results or lost opportunities on your page but will only show the first three results from each report.

Why is analytics so important?

To use Search, Recommender, Product Listing, and their features to the fullest, you must first know how they’re used on your website and how they perform. Thanks to Analytics, you will find out where your search performance is tied and what needs to be fixed, and vice versa, where it is doing the most.

Is analytics a mandatory first step when using Luigi’s Box?

Yes, Analytics is a fundamental part of using Luigi’s Box products. As we mentioned, we do not know if our tools work if we cannot measure the results of their use. We also don’t know how to help if we don’t understand the performance of your search, what to improve or what works perfectly and can be applied elsewhere.