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Luigi’s Box integration with commercetools


commercetools inc.

Commercetools platform is a cloud-based headless commerce platform from commercetools inc., that provides APIs to power e-commerce sales and similar functions for large businesses. If you are hearing about commercetool for the first time and want to know more about their products, check their website here.

Visitors who use search are 70% more likely to buy your products.

Stop losing customers because they couldn’t find the products you actually have.
The impact of Luigi’s Box on search conversions is proven in multiple case studies across all segments.

Luigi’s Box integration brings benefits such as great advanced AI-powered site search with intelligent search analytics that tell you all the relevant information about the performance of the search & navigation elements of your online store. What are your most frequent searches, what sections of your store are struggling to deliver relevant results, and where are you losing people’s attention. Furthermore, with LB intuitive search, you personalize the visitor’s journey from the first interaction and guarantee the best experience by autocomplete queries with typo tolerance, saving a lot of time.

Intuitive search allows you to:

Consider customers’ online behavior

When searching “antivirus”, search results can return notebooks with built in antivirus packages. However, customers looking for antiviruses don’t necessarily care about notebooks. Our AI is able to prioritize antiviruses, even though both products contain the searched term.

Expand abroad easily

When expanding abroad, you have to deal with localization. With us, you certainly won’t have to worry about your search. Different languages are not a problem for us. Luigi’s Box is used in 27 countries.

Modify search results

On average, 13% of searches return no results. Our clients keep this number between 1% and 5%. Our search can deal with typos, synonyms or diacritics.

Autocomplete queries

Autocomplete is a tool that speeds up a customers’ pathway to desired products and provides instant feedback to their queries. Autocomplete shows the search results before you press ENTER. It’s important that it reacts from the very first keystroke, giving the visitor an easier way to search.

Personalize search from the first interaction

Based on visitors’ clicks on products, categories, brands or filters, we can predict their intent and preferences. The more interactions they made, the better the website content personalization and search results relevance.

Try Luigi’s Box analytics and give yourself a clear overview of your search’s performance. With LB analytics intuitive dashboard, you save a lot of time because of no need to click endlessly through tons of reports – the dashboard gives you super quick visual feedback about the state of your search. Get insights into what your customers are searching for, what they struggle to find, and how you can improve their overall search experience. If we still haven’t succeeded in impressing you you can start our common journey with 14-day free trial just with your website link, your e-mail address and phone number, with no need of credit card data.

Intuitive dashboard

No need to click endlessly through tons of reports – we give you a dashboard that gives you super quick visual feedback about the state of your search.

  • Does my search lead to conversions?
  • How many “no results” do my customers get?
  • How many searches lead to irrelevant content?

With Luigi’s Box recommender display product suggestions in your e-shop, personalized to every visitor with AI, based on his preferences and previous online behavior – tailor-made product recommendations to every visitor help increase average shopping cart value by 25%.


Offer your customers relevant recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previously seen products.

  • Preference-based
  • Previously seen products
  • and more…

Sold-out products

Don’t let your customers leave your e-shop frustrated. Instead, offer alternatives to sold-out or unavailable products.

  • Product alternatives
  • Similar products
  • and more…

Offer your customers relevant recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previously seen products. Offer your customers alternatives to sold-out or unavailable products and raise your average order value by recommending relevant products to those already added to the shopping cart. Help your customers choose by recommending the most popular products in your e-shop. Our Recommender Analytics is a helpful tool to evaluate and optimize product recommendations, try it out in our demo. Click wherever you want; there’s nothing you can do wrong.

Shopping cart

Raise your average order value by recommending products that are relevant to those already added to their shopping cart.

  • Related to their cart selection
  • Suggestions based on previous customer purchases
  • and more…

Best-selling products

Help your customers choose by recommending the most popular products in your e-shop.

  • Top-rated products in e-shop
  • Most purchased
  • and more…

Luigi’s Box pricing is usage-based. It means interested users of Luigi’s Box can contact the vendor to get a plan and pricing information customized to their specific needs. When submitting information on the vendor’s website, you’ll be asked to indicate the number of products in your store’s catalog and the average monthly pageviews your website gets. These factors will affect how much your customized plan costs.

Luigi’s Box synchronize products & categories of the CT platform when given generated API key that has read access to categories, channels, products, and inventory. Then insert script to give data.

Integration steps

Create a project & site within Luigi’s Box, obtain the URL of the LBX script.

Make sure that the storefront settings include LBX script on every page – ideally at the end of the section.

Generate API credentials for LB synchronization worker and pass them to the LB integrations team.

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