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When did you last search for a product and got the result in less than a minute? It hardly ever happens, right? We’ve been there, too.

But since we didn’t want to moan and waste our time, we decided to change the rules of the game and help you and millions of others find quickly and easily what you need.

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We are looking for

Backend developer
Central Europe (Bratislava) | Fixed monthly salary

Start: ASAP | Salary: from 3000€

Join our team on the mission to build next-generation site search and product discovery tools. You will be joining a mature engineering team working on a range of very interesting and technically challenging problems. To give you a sense about the kind of work we do, here is a sample of the features we launched recently:

  • Query deduplication. We are automatically building an index of user queries for each of our clients. This allows us to provide a query suggestion feature (think about how when you start typing into Google, a menu with query suggestions pops out). Until recently, these suggestions could contain duplicate queries, such as “j.k. rowling” and “j. k. rowling”, or even several variants of the same query with different typos or with different word ordering. We built a deduplication process into our query ingestion pipeline, which is smart enough to understand that “CLIP” is not a typo of “CLIR”. All of this was made very challenging by the fact, that we are ingesting several million queries daily.
  • User onboarding. We built the first version of our user onboarding very early. As we learned a lot more about our customers, we wanted to replace our current onboarding process with an updated version. This project consisted mostly of writing classical web application code, but what made it challenging was the amount of coordination and cooperation between different components (from website to our main web app) and between humans (from marketing to customer support)

There is a huge amount of opportunity in front of us — join us to get a chance to grow your carreer and shape the future of e-commerce.

What you can expect from us:

  • Culture of learning
  • Strong technical mentorship and code reviews
  • A solid test coverage and a continuous integration process
  • Modern tech stack. We use Docker, Ruby and Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch.
  • Hands-on with many AWS services (we run 100% on AWS). Kinesis, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Elastic Container Service and many others
  • Internal tools & code analyzers to help you write better code with less bugs faster

What we expect from you:

  • Strong knowledge of common Web technology
  • Experience in writing web applications
  • Sense of responsibility and code ownership from development to production

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Junior SaaS Marketing Specialist
Central Europe (Bratislava) | Fixed monthly salary

Start: ASAP | Salary: from 1500€

At Luigi’s Box, the work is getting pretty busy and we’d love to get some help in our marketing department. At the moment, we’re searching for a passionate junior content marketer who will promote our global product to the widest audience. If you are starting in marketing, this could be “the position” for you because you’ll learn from the best experts.

What you will do:

  • Create and execute a content marketing strategy.
  • Manage and optimize online media campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Produce materials for events and business meetings.
  • Coordinate work with external copywriters, graphics designers, and marketing specialists.
  • Communicate with external partners and media.
  • Represent Luigi’s Box at events and conferences in Slovakia and abroad.
  • What to bring:

  • 1 years’ experience in creating content including newsletters, blogs and reports
  • 1 years’ experience in managing content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Experience with CMS, email marketing tools and graphic tools like Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics, AdWords and SEO
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing preferred
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    eCommerce Strategy Consultant – DACH region
    Central Europe (Prague, Bratislava) | Fixed monthly salary

    Start: ASAP | Salary: from 2500€

    Our mission is to help bring seamless product discovery experience to every single customer. That’s why we need you – an exceptionally talented eCommerce strategy consultant who will take great care of new and existing customers and serve as the internal expert for eCommerce performance within Luigi’s Box.

    What you will do:

    • Examine purchase behavior, traffic drivers, site experience, site functionality, growth opportunities, and provide recommendations on potential site enhancements.
    • Assess the impact and value of new features of Luigi’s Box.
    • Monitor customer data, bring insights and suggest optimizations.
    • Prepare ecommerce reporting and presentations.
    • Build and maintain trusted relationships with customers.
    • Work with customers to identify and troubleshoot issues within the product and suggest product developments based on customer’s feedback.

    What to bring:

    • 2+ years’ work experience in eCommerce industry
    • Experience with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Paid Advertising, A/B testing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Funnel Marketing, Email Marketing is preferred
    • Problem-solving ability, analytical skills and excellent communication
    • User-centric mindset and good understanding of UX
    • Native German speaker with fluent English
    • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, or Computer Science

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    Sales Account Manager – Czech & Slovak Republic
    Central Europe (Prague, Bratislava) | Fixed monthly salary

    Start: ASAP | Salary: from 2500€

    40,000 – that’s the number of e-shops in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Who would guess that this small countries has the highest number of eCommerce businesses in Europe, right? We’ve been observing the Czech market for a long time and we’re now looking for a senior Sales Account Manager who will introduce our fine product to this fierce market and generate new businesses.

    What you will do:

    • Create and implement a sales strategy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    • Build a portfolio of new clients in the country.
    • Maintain and strengthen cooperation with existing clients.
    • Attend conferences and events abroad both as a visitor and speaker.
    • Cooperate with the Marketing department to promote Luigi’s Box in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    • Provide the internal team with fresh customer insights to improve company communication.

    What to bring:

    • 5+ years’ experience in sales and business development.
    • 3+ years’ experience in ecommerce industry in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.
    • Experience working with sales volumes greater than 200,000 EUR.
    • Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills.
    • Data-driven mindset.
    • Native Czech or Slovak speaker with fluent English.
    • Master’s degree in Business or Sales.

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    Some people say, that “Getting lost is not a waste of time.”

    We think it’s a nice motivational quote, but not a wise advice in the ecommerce world.
    That’s why we are dedicated to helping eshops deliver an outstanding search experience to all their customers.

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    If you're looking for a meaningful job, Luigi's Box is the place for you. We're developing a global product that helps millions of people worldwide and what's great is you'll have the unique chance to shape it.
    London today, Berlin tomorrow. Get your passport ready.
    At Luigi’s Box, you’ll be regularly going to conferences as a speaker and visitor and go for business meetings abroad.
    At Luigi’s Box, you’ll be immersed in an exceptional work environment. Your colleagues are the best experts in their field and are committed to help you grow. You’ll learn about business development, performance marketing, web development and UX.
    We’re a small company in which every voice counts. It’s a good time to jump on the train now because in a few years you’ll be seen as the one who helped develop that cool thing.
    Team members

    Radoslav Balajka

    CEO & co-founder

    Tomáš Kramár

    CTO & co-founder

    Michal Barla

    CPO & co-founder

    Gejza Nagy

    BD & co-founder

    Gabriela Marková

    Customer Success Manager

    Ondrej Kaššák

    Data Scientist

    Pavol Sopko

    Backend Developer

    Matúš Gáspár

    Integration Specialist

    Alexandra Nálepková

    Account Executive

    Lenka Ščepková

    Marketing Specialist

    Jozef Žiak

    Account Executive

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