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How many website visitors use search?

20% of e-commerce site visitors use site search to find products. However, usage differences between sectors can vary dramatically. Site search usage ranges from 8% (Fashion segment) to 43% (Books&Games segment). The reasons for such…
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Explained: Custom Keywords

Custom Keywords are an excellent way to group products or items together that don’t share an already designated attribute or category on your site. This is especially useful for e-commerce websites, as they can choose…
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Search Benchmarks & Insights 2021

Want to increase your e-commerce sales by 30%? Learn how in our exclusive study. A simple optimization of your website’s search feature can provide huge benefits to your online business. However, its importance is often…
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Explained: Boosted Items vs Boosted Terms

Product Boosting helps to drive the sales of specific products chosen by the client. With Luigi’s Box, you can boost items or setup boosting based on terms. However, the difference between them is not always…
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