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Košík’s Search Conversions Increased by 10.5%

With Luigi's Box, Koší enjoys more satisfied customers, more relevant search results, and increased revenue.

Košík’s Search Conversions Increased by 10.5%

Košík is one of the largest Czech online food retailers. They offer more than 15,000 products from pastries to drugstore items.

In the food segment, on average, 24% of customers use search. (Spoiler: it’s around 50% on Koší after search optimization). That’s why they realized that if their search is not working properly, they risk customers won’t be able to buy products in their e‑shop.

How did we help Košík to have more satisfied customers and higher revenue? Watch this video (EN, DE, and PL subtitles available) or read the text below to find out.

Developing a site's search internally is demanding and expensive

In Košík, they considered devoting internal resources to the development of their site’s search versus having an external supplier. They calculated how much their internal development would cost and how time-demanding it would be, including the needed know-how and the quality of available solutions. They came to the conclusion that the best way is to find an external contractor and they decided for Luigi’s Box.

Team of professional specialists

Luigi’s Box is a guarantee of a professional approach. As the search specialists, they lead us to our goals much faster.

Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing Manager, Košík

Diagnostics is the first step

To optimize your search, it is important to find out to what extent is the original solution (in)effective. We have designed our Luigi’s Box Analytics to include comprehensive information that is presented in a clear and understandable way. Thanks to this tool, we were able to identify specific problems and then focus on solving them:

1. Pilsner was not a beer

When customers searched for beer, the brand “Pilsner Urquell” never appeared in the results. This was because the product name (“Pilsner Urquell Light Lager”) nor the category name (“Lagers below 12°”) did not include the word beer.

We taught the search feature at Koší to work with the whole structure of category names, not only with the specific product category.

2. Sirloin was a fish

In the categories hierarchy, some smaller categories are sometimes grouped together (T-shirts and shirts, dresses and skirts). In a similar fashion, the beef sirloin was located in the category “Beef” (not beef meat). However, the parent category is named “Meat and fish”. It contains the word meat, but it also contains the word fish. That’s why when searching for fish, you could have also found “Beef sirloin” among results.

We taught the search feature at Koší to work with the whole structure of category names, not only with the specific product category.

3. Chocolate was a yoghurt

There is a fair amount of products that have the word chocolate in their names because they are also made with the chocolate flavor (yogurts, müsli, ice cream, pastry, etc.). However, when the customers search for “chocolate”, they’re naturally more interested in finding actual chocolate than chocolate-flavored yogurt. Obviously, not every brand of chocolate contains that word in its name. Therefore, when searching for “chocolate”, many chocolate-flavored products appeared in the results instead of chocolate bars.

As a solution, we have defined stop words for the phrase “chocolate” so that the search results don’t include yogurts, proteins, or ice creams when a customer searched for “chocolate”.

4. Creativity in search has no limits

There are many creative ways to search for products in an e‑shop. Occasionally, customers use slang terms and then the search ends up with no results.

We have set up synonyms that also include slang expressions. Košík will, therefore, find the right products, even if the customer does not enter exactly the correct phrase. In addition, Luigi’s Box automatically recommends synonyms based on customers’ behavior, helping Košík to keep up with the creativity of their customers.

5. St. Martin's goose needs a bit of help

St. Martin’s goose is a seasonal product in the Czech Republic. This means that when its time comes, you need to have it as high as possible in the search results. Demand is high and the customers are impatient. However, when Košík added this product in their catalog, it naturally had no history of customer interactions and was not in the first positions in the search results, making it a lost opportunity for the e‑shop.

Thanks to the boosted items function, we have set that “St. Martin’s goose” appeared in the top positions among the results so that customers can immediately find the desired seasonal product. In addition, we’ve worked out a feature that automatically prioritizes new products in a specified time.

6. Life is too short to drink warm beer

Košík came up with a great idea to deliver chilled drinks during the summer heats. Naturally, when they started selling them, they had no customer interaction history. Therefore, they weren’t placed in top positions of search results, where they’d be immediately noticed by customers sweltering in torrid weather.

With boosted terms feature, we made “chilled drinks” appear in the first positions among the results automatically, without the need to set each product individually.

More relevant search results, happier customers and increased revenue

Search optimization using a tool with outstanding functions has made shopping easier for Koší e‑shop customers and brings them better search results. Their satisfaction was reflected not only in the above-average use of the search function, but also in the increase in sales. Several important metrics have improved significantly:

No-Results Searches
Search Exit Rate
Autocomplete CTR
Search Conversions

Increased search usage and conversions

Thanks to this tool, we increased the search usage and conversion rate on Koší Search is currently used by 40% of customers, and 40% of them directly add products to their shopping carts.

Robin Rezek
Product Manager, Košík

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