Luigi’s Box – Unique
    Solution, Advanced
    Products, Multiple Use
    Cases - All in One

    Luigi's Box is easy to operate technological tool, with four
    advanced products using AI to always improve your
    search, recommendations, and product listing and offers
    comprehensive analytics that gives you relevant
    information about their performance.

    Each of these products offers several intelligent features
    with multiple use cases. Luigi's Box is compatible with any
    e‑commerce platform.


    Reveal places where you lose potential purchases on your e‑shop.

    Searches with low conversion rates

    Find out how many of your searches are ending with low conversions and why. How many searches end like this? Discover how you can increase them with Luigi’s Box comprehensive analytics.

    Searches with high exit rates

    In up to one-third of cases, the customer leaves the website immediately after a failed search. How many of your searches end up with customers leaving your website? Learn more about the state of your search and optimize its issues with Luigi’s Box Analytics.

    Lost opportunities to satisfy customers & your performance

    On average, 13.4% of searches end up with no results. What causes these issues? Mostly, customers do not get results for their search queries. Discover other reasons why searches bring no results.

    Trending searches & items to improve your revenue

    Get insights into your top queries, the most common search struggles, and how you can improve customers’ search experience. Learn more about how you can get the most out of your search with our comprehensive analytics.

    Your cart value from search and recommender results

    Did you know that personalized searches and recommendations can increase the average cart value by up to 25%? Discover how you can raise your average order value by recommending products related to those already added to your cart or based on their previous purchases.

    Analytics to optimize search results & increase conversions

    If you want to boost your conversions with advanced search and relevant recommendations, first, you need to learn about their performance. Luigi’s Box Analytics ​​offers several necessary and clear statistics to identify problematic issues and optimizes them properly.

    Bring your customers closer to the products they are looking
    for. Get AI-powered navigation with personalized and relevant results
    tailored to your visitors.

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    Learn how to use Luigi’s Box advanced features to boost your sales.

    Advanced categories & filters to increase search usage

    Filters and categories are essential parts of e‑shops, especially e‑shops with a wide range of products. Using advanced categories and filters helps customers narrow down a set of products to meet their needs and thus deliver an excellent user experience.

    Autocomplete to prevent losing customers

    The conversion rate of visitors who used autocomplete is more than double of customers who do not use the feature in all segments. Autocomplete speeds up the way for desired products by showing results from the first keystroke.

    Recommender to increase order value

    Luigi’s Box uses AI to show personalized product recommendations to every customer based on his previous online behavior and preferences. The more tailor-made product suggestions you offer, the more your customers purchase, and the more your average order value rises.

    Boosted items & terms to support your business goals

    Help drive your sales of specific products using Product Boosting. Boosted items or terms allow you to prioritize specific products, categories, and brands in search results or groups of products containing your boosted term, and appear first in search results.

    Synonyms to prevent losing your customers

    Luigi’s Box uses AI and machine learning to create a recommended synonyms list and allows you to create your own list. Synonyms management improves your search by showing relevant products with different ways of naming, so your customers always find what they are looking for.

    Query customization to order products & increase performance

    Using query customization helps you pick selected products to a specific position which overrides automatic results to promote a new item or sale items that work best for you and thus increase your sales.

    Lemmatization to understand language-specific rules and increase relevancy

    Using word lemmatization, synonyms detection, typo tolerance, etc., helps customers find what they are looking for and thus decrease the risk of them leaving your site without making a purchase.

    Catalog browser to see how your search works

    Using the catalog browser enables you to see how results look on a specific term to adjust anything your customer desires and thus personalize your content to his intent which leads to higher sales.

    What our customers are saying about using Luigi’s Box

    Managing 120 Million Monthly Requests on 9 Domains

    Answear is one of the most popular online fashion stores in CEE region. During the integration, we developed several features for the client.

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    Mountfield’s Autocomplete Conversion Rate Increased by 67%

    Luigi's Box helped the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to increase their autocomplete conversions.

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    How Electronicstar Realized the Importance of Search With Autocomplete

    Luigi's Box adds more than 100,000 € a year on top of the first Slovak unicorn's revenue.

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    Dr.Max Increased Conversion Rate of Selected Product Segment by 230%

    Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders with more than 12,000 different products.

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    Luigi's Box as a one-click add-on

    After the first click, you can start using Luigi's Box on these platforms. Learn more about integrations here.


    Find out how to multiply your revenue with Luigi’s Box toolset.

    Average order value

    Increase average conversions with personalized recommendations to every customer. The more personalized your product suggestions will be, the more customers will purchase. Recommender offers product suggestions for products already added to the cart, sold-out, and even the most popular products.

    Search conversion rate

    Accelerate the growth of your business and raise conversions by more than 35%. How? Help your customers find what they are looking for way easier. Personalize your website to their preferences and modify search results with the search that deals with typos and diacritics.

    Revenue via better search & product recommendation

    Increase your revenue by delivering an exceptional user experience with custom product recommendations based on customers’ preferences and previous interactions. Help them discover more of your content with advanced search.

    Search relevance

    Fill customers’ expectations with the accuracy between their search queries and search results. Optimize your results pages to understand the intent of your customers and increase your search relevance.

    Search retention

    The better your website’s search interacts with customers’ intentions, the better its usage will be. Increase search retention and improve customers’ search experience with Luigi’s Box’s advanced search features and proper analytics.

    Search usage

    Visitors who use search are 70% more likely to purchase. Increase search usage on your website with advanced search technology. Why is search usage so important? A low search results interaction rate brings problems with the ideal product ranking in the search results.


    Decrease the chance of unwanted scenarios and dissatisfied customers.

    Irrelevant search results

    Avoid search results that are not relevant to customers’ search queries. Luigi’s Box uses ever-learning AI to track customers’ intent and understand the query intent to display relevant results.

    Searches with zero clicks

    Why do some customers’ searches end up with zero clicks? One of the main reasons may be that you show too much information about the product in the product title. Avoid these kinds of searches by customizing your website and navigation.

    No results from your search

    Avoid no-result searches with the advanced search cooperating with synonyms and spelling mistakes and displaying relevant product results. Offer recommendations to not available products, so even if the customer’s desired product is sold-out, he may choose from similar products.

    Customer churn from search

    Customers who can’t find desired products can’t buy them, and often leave your page without any intention to return, so you lose customers and potential profit too. Avoid this catastrophic scenario by using Luigi’s Box and help your e‑shop produce more satisfied customers and higher revenue.

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