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Fashion Search Engine

Enhancing Product Discovery in Your Fashion Store

Learn more about what Luigi's Box can do for fashion industry clients. Our product discovery solution is created to help people find the information they want online and deliver exceptional customer experience.

The powerful search engine boosts the shopping experience by saving time and getting customers to the right fashion products on your website. So what a quality search engine in the fashion industry should be able to do?

Luigi's Box Search

Luigi’s Box advanced search is a tool based on AI to get the most out of your search. It’s not only a basic default search bar, but an AI-powered site search that can personalise your website to customers’ intent and deal with typos, synonyms, or diacritics.

Luigi’s Box Search offers several advanced features, such as an intelligent Autocomplete feature with perfect search-as-you-type functionality where customers get desired results in a split second.

You can promote the products of a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in an order that works best for you and use dynamic filters, where the relevance of filters varies on product categories; for example, customers can filter t-shirts by color, jeans by cut, etc. Even when a customer enters a different product code format, he will get relevant search results thanks to the Smart product codes feature.

An advanced search comes hand in hand with comprehensive Luigi’s Box Analytics. Analytics offers a clear overview of your search performance and gives you an intuitive dashboard with visual feedback without the need of demanding clicks through many reports. With this overview, you will learn more about trends in your search and how your customers get to your main content. This is the way to make the best customer experience during online shopping.

Best features for the Fashion industry

Every online merchant is looking for the best ways how to enhance their fashion e-commerce. One such enhancement is an intelligent search engine. What should this engine offer? The answer might be simple – to sell more and therefore increase overall revenue. However, how do you achieve that? Your customers in your fashion store behave in a similar manner as in the physical store. They either look for the type of clothes, for the specific color, or for the exact product.

Fashion is an extraordinary industry, it’s very emotional. Often you cannot describe your preference in words, and that’s where visual search comes in handy in the clothing business. Therefore, you should be able to provide relevant search results within seconds. And that’s where Luigi’s Box will step in and use its artificial intelligence to provide a better shopping experience.

Therefore another great feature is Luigi’s Box Recommender, which recommends other items in stock if the item the customer wants is sold out. Give extra spotlight to new products in product search and increase your sales with novelty preference or remind customers about last seen product to encourage them to purchase anytime they visit your e-shop.

If your online shop contains a lot of goods and items, you should consider adding Luigi’s Box Product Listing feature to help customers quickly search and give them more information about the entire range of products in one go.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features

Increase conversion rate
Increase conversion rate

What are the benefits of using Luigi’s Box? With Luigi’s Box AI-powered site search, you can personalize your website to the intent of your customers and get a higher conversion rate of more than 35%. Your customers get their results in a split second thanks to Autocomplete, which displays results from the first type.

Raise shopping cart value
Raise shopping cart value

Luigi’s Box Recommender feature helps raise the average order value by 25% by recommending relevant suggestions tailored to your customers. With product recommendations, customers are 56% more likely to return to your e-shop and buy again.

Increase sales
Increase sales

Using of Product listing feature increases your average sales by up to 12% and your average return on investments by 600%. These features help reduce the unwanted bounce rate on your website as well. And what else can a satisfied customer leave you except their purchase? Excellent customer reviews will signalize that your e-shop is reliable and customers always get what they want and leave happy.

Implementing comprehensive analytics

In 2017 EXIsport implemented Luigi’s Box Search Analytics, and this is what they found out:

  • 30% of transactions happen through the web search
  • Conversion rate of search users is 2.6 times higher
  • Average order value of a person using search is 9% higher

Implementing lightning-quick autocomplete

Based on this data, EXIsport decided to improve its web search by putting Autocomplete Search in place. In a short time, they got excellent results.

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search conversion rate


time spent on the website


year-on-year online revenues

Thanks to custom-developed features such as "Gender-sensitive search," where the search engine shows the product only for the selected gender, or "Mass update of all products in a category," that allowed editing one of the product attributes for all products from a category at once, overall number of searches and uses of autocomplete was two times higher and the number of sessions with search conversion was more than 40% compared with the year before.

Higher conversion rate

These and other tailored features helped the client increase search conversions and the overall number of searches and uses of autocomplete two times higher.

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Luigi's Box provides a set of tools created to provide enhanced e-commerce product discovery that is capable of understanding customer behaviour, intent, and needs.
G2 Reviews

Product discovery ratings

Here’s how G2 users rated product discovery features for e-commerce as of June 13, 2023.

Luigi’s Box
Recommendations Luigi’s Box
Responses: 90
Recommendations Algolia
Responses: 68
Recommendations Doofinder
Responses: 197
Recommendations Searchspring
Responses: 54
Conversion Luigi’s Box
Responses: 88
Conversion Algolia
Responses: 67
Conversion Doofinder
Responses: 202
Conversion Searchspring
Responses: 51
Personalization Luigi’s Box
Responses: 85
Personalization Algolia
Responses: 69
Personalization Doofinder
Responses: 202
Personalization Searchspring
Responses: 52
Faceted Search
Faceted Search Luigi’s Box
Responses: 76
Faceted Search Algolia
Responses: 73
Faceted Search Doofinder
Responses: 196
Faceted Search Searchspring
Responses: 53
Ranking and Relevancy
Ranking and Relevancy Luigi’s Box
Responses: 83
Ranking and Relevancy Algolia
Responses: 78
Ranking and Relevancy Doofinder
Responses: 203
Ranking and Relevancy Searchspring
Responses: 52

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Why is Luigi's Box a worthy search provider for fashion online stores?

Luigi’s Box is a dependable e-commerce system that has earned the trust of over 3000 online stores around the globe. Before long, it had received numerous awards for its Analytics and Search. Integrating Luigi’s Box takes only four simple steps, which don’t require any coding know-how or IT skills. Their team of specialists is highly proficient in what they do. It comprises several features to take your business to the next level.

Why visual search matters in Fashion?

With the rise of online shopping, visual search technology represents a massive part of the customer shopping experience. Visual search allows customers to use images, instead of keywords. Especially in the Fashion segment, it’s much easier for website visitors to find pieces of clothing they like by uploading a picture than by describing it with words.

Who uses the visual search the most?

Visual search helps increase revenue, especially in e-commerce businesses that promote their goods and services on social media. That’s because of Gen Zers, a generation born between 1997 and 2012, on which social media has the most significant impact.