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Enterprise Search

Search software for enterprises and its importance

The first thing visitors often do when entering your enterprise business site is to use your search feature. They might be looking for a specific service, or they are just researching enterprise vendors, and that's where you have to stand out.

Imagine visiting a website and wasting plenty of time until you get to the specific goods or services you came to look for. How annoying, right? If you answer yes, you know that effective search technology is necessary. Especially if you are an enterprise business selling your products and services to C-level managers with plenty of things on their plates. Even though not many website visitors use on-site search, it is crucial for digital experiences and increasing customer loyalty to your websites.

Using enterprise search software helps you get insights into searching trends, optimize issues of your search performance, then fulfill visitors’ needs, and increase revenue. Discover what a single search engine and its features can do for your enterprise in a short period of time.

Luigi's Box Search

Luigi’s Box provides AI‑powered site search that helps customers find what they are looking for, personalize a website to their intent, and raise conversions by more than 35%. This tool modifies search results by dealing with typos, synonyms, and diacritics and offers the autocomplete feature that shows results from the first type to get your goods or services and customers to each other quickly.

Luigi’s Box search can predict customers’ intent from the first interaction, improves website content personalization, and results in relevance. Intelligent search with autocomplete dramatically reduces wasteful shopping time. Able to cope with any search query to always display relevant results.

With Luigi’s Box Search, you need to get to know Luigi’s Box Analytics. Analytics gives you a dashboard that gives you super quick visual feedback about the state of your search function. Also, detailed content analysis helps you understand how customers get to your main content if they get many “no results” answers, and if they get relevant results. Try our analytics today for free for the next 14 days and learn more about your search performance.

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Best features for Enterprises

Anyone operating online always looks for the best ways to improve their business. One such improvement is intelligent search software suitable for enterprises and their needs.

What should enterprise search solution offer? There is only one correct answer – to sell more and increase overall revenue. However, how do you achieve that? You should be able to provide relevant search results within seconds. And that’s where Luigi’s Box Search, with its search analytics, will step in and use its artificial intelligence to provide a better search experience in real-time. A constantly learning AI algorithm ensures that relevant results are at the top of the list.

Therefore another great feature is Luigi’s Box Recommender. Based on the customer’s actions on the website, we can predict his intention and personalize the website’s content for him to enhance the customer experience. Besides personalized recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previous website interactions, recommender also offers alternatives to not available products or your most popular products.

If your website contains a range of goods and services, you should consider adding Luigi’s Box Product listing feature to help customers quickly search and give them more information about the entire range of products in one go, compare it with other offers, view product reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

Benefits of using Luigi’s Box features

What are the benefits of using Luigi’s Box on enterprise platforms? We have prepared some of our success stories with actual results so you can see yourself.

With Luigi’s Box AI‑powered search, you can personalize your website to the intent of your customers, who, thanks to that, get desired information in a split second. Intelligent search can help you not only with searching for products but even more. Keep your customers from wading through tons of enterprises system to find what they came for.

For example, we have successfully integrated search, and an autocomplete feature that helps visitors find information about products and services on the website and in the Help and Support section for the most innovative bank in Slovakia.

For one of the largest mobile operators in Slovakia, we successfully implemented an autocomplete via Google Tag Manager without the need to intervene in our client’s internal IT department. A considerable advantage is that the intelligent search in the Support Center section can make customer support more accessible.

With Luigi’s Box Recommender, customers are 56% more likely to return to your website and use your services again. Customers feel they are always in the right place thanks to tailor-made recommendations to every visitor. Recommendation boxes will be customized based on your needs and wishes and will become a native part of your website design.

Product listing is an excellent tool designed to automatically improve lists of relevant or popular categories and promote specific products within the listings in the category without disrupting their relevance.

Luigi’s Box uses the newest methods and tools to help you always be one step ahead of the competition.

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Case study

See how O2 uses Luigi's Box on-site search to fulfill visitors‘ needs and increase the conversion rate by 320%

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For one of the largest mobile operators in Slovakia, Luigi's Box helped improve the performance of their search. We implemented Search Analytics on all O2 sites, including the main website, the e‑shop, and the Q&A portal. Soon, O2 online team was able to see the results and realized to use the Fixit option to route visitors to correct queries and pages and also adapted content pages to match customers' language not to lose customers anymore.

Using Fixit rules has become a regular ritual at O2. Each month, more than ten new Fixit rules are created. As a result, the conversion rate of these Fixit rules is higher by 136% compared to the ordinary search conversion rate. Thanks to the effective routing of visitors to trending products and services and increasing customer success, the conversion rate increased by 320%.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using intelligent enterprise search?

An intelligent search brings better usability so that customers can find what they are looking for effortlessly. This can increase customer trust, as customers don’t waste vast amounts of time browsing across enterprise systems and are more likely to make a purchase and return to your website repeatedly and become loyal customers.

Search users are 70% more likely to buy your products which increases your sales. And even more, if you optimize your site search functionality, you have a higher chance of converting visitors into loyal customers. That is because intelligent search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, dramatically reducing wasteful shopping time, which definitely improves customers’ shopping and browsing experience.

How can I start using Luigi's Box?

It’s very straightforward. Firstly fill in our form for creating a new account with the URL of your website, your business email address, and a phone number. The mandatory part of using our services is to provide analytics.

Luigi’s Box Analytics provides data for the AI for all products and lets you see the impact that Luigi’s Box has on your enterprise’s economic performance. When analytics is done, and it’s all set, we offer you a custom demo that will be tailored to a specific enterprise use case with which we have extended experience.