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The Definitive Search & Discovery Solution for Enterprises

Luigi’s Box can help you handle large volumes of search requests and help your clients and customers with product discovery. Create a better search & discovery experience, and grow your earnings with Luigi’s Box.

Business benefits

What makes Luigi’s Box an ideal solution for Enterprises?

See how digital transformation with our enterprise search software can help you improve the entire user experience and increase your earnings.

Improved conversion rates

Enterprise search solution by Luigi's Box is guaranteed to bring you an increase in conversions and sales thanks to a pleasant digital experience created by our key features.

Advanced features

Our software is very easy to integrate, and it offers a plethora of advanced enterprise search tools and features that are easy to use by new users and experts alike.

Fair operational costs

Cost calculation for the use of our products and services depends on usage, which is why you will never overpay for Luigi's Box, and you can safely maintain your budget.

Prompt customer service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer state-of-the-art customer support for each of our clients. You can count on us any time you need help.

Introducing Luigi's Box toolset

Meet our enterprise search software product set

From an enterprise search engine to analytics for better business intelligence, Luigi’s Box has it all. Read more about what type of functionality we offer and see what it can do for your business.

Award-winning Search


Our Search powered by artificial intelligence is simply a must-have tool for any enterprise business. It can deal with any search query thanks to natural language processing features and provide relevant search results with great accuracy that match search intent. It supports faceted search that shows relevant content and creates an amazing search experience in any of our 20+ support languages.

That’s not all. Our AI-powered search also smartly ranks products according to various criteria, such as profit margin as well as user preferences. This works to ensure not only the best possible customer experience but also larger conversions and profits for your business. Take a look at all of our search technology features and see how they can influence the success of your business.

Powerful recommendation engine


Improve your sales with access to our powerful Recommender. It smartly recognizes which pieces of content each customer views and creates tailor-made recommendations for everyone. That way, you can recommend products based on individual user intent and increase your conversions. The recommendations can be placed anywhere within the user interface of your website.

The Recommender is able to help you with upsells and cross-sells, recommend the ideal product pairings to customers, show last-seen products, and much more. Most of the functionality is automated, so you don’t have to spend time on tedious tasks, and you can focus on more important issues at hand. Take a look at our Recommender features and see how they work to make your website successful.

Efficient Product Listing

Product Listing

An internal search engine on a site is a great first step toward product discovery. However, you can build better customer loyalty if you also offer an organized product listing that’s full of relevant product options for your visitors. The key to Luigi’s Box Product listing is our ranking feature, which smartly moves products according to individual customer preferences so that they can spend less time browsing.

Additionally, your business can utilize our merchandising features, which allow you to select products that will appear at the top of the listings, thanks to handy product banners. One of the most powerful features is Dynamic filters, which can remove all redundant filtering options for each product category to make filtering an easier task. Check out the rest of the Product Listing features and learn how you can use them.

Comprehensive Analytics


Measure the effectiveness of Luigi’s Box Search, Recommender, and Product listing in real time easily thanks to complete Analytics. Measure the effectiveness of every single search query, track Recommender conversions, and much more. Our Analytics allow you to track every single click, conversion, sale, missed opportunity, no-result searches, and more in one convenient place.

Comprehensive Analytics allow you to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your online business so you can further improve and use our advanced search capabilities and discovery options to their full potential. Take a look at our Analytics features page and discover what else you can learn thanks to a comprehensive analysis of our tool performance on your website.

Case studies

See how Luigi's Box helped many businesses worldwide

+ 15%

increase revenue

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increase in conversion rate

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search conversion rate

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search conversion rate

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average conversion rate

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search conversion rate

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Unique features

Learn how Luigi's Box can help your Enterprise business succeed

Take a look at what unique benefits can Luigi’s Box bring to your e-commerce business.

Ease of use
Ease of use

From the integration process to use in action, Luigi’s Box is simple and effective to deploy on any type of website and easy to use. We offer multiple integration options, as well as assisted integration so that you can avoid long waiting periods. When using the app, you’ll find the interface easy to navigate, and even if you run into some trouble, our support is always ready to help you out.


Thanks to our transparent and fair cost calculation, your Enterprise business will only pay for usage. That way, you can stay on track of your annual costs and better maintain your budget because it will always stay below your earnings. Furthermore, you can try it out first, thanks to our free 30-day trial option, which gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to become our client.

Unique features
Unique features

While there are plenty of capable enterprise search technology solutions on the market, Luigi’s Box has a unique combination of the most effective tools and features in one convenient package. Our solution also offers some features that most of the competition simply doesn’t have, such as our unique Offline A/B testing feature that can help your enterprise grow and increase its earnings.

Easy performance tracking
Easy performance tracking

It’s incredibly important for businesses to be able to easily track the performance of the tools they use, as well as their earnings. We put a great emphasis on providing our clients with visually clear and comprehensive analytics that allow them to track their success but also their opportunities for improvement and further business development.

Guaranteed improvement
Guaranteed improvement

Luigi’s Box has been proven to be a very helpful tool for increasing conversions, improving sales numbers, and creating a pleasurable website search and discovery experience on plenty of websites. Join our community of satisfied customers and experience the benefits of using Luigi’s Box on your own. We’re here to help you grow and provide support whenever you need it.

Luigi's Box provides a set of tools created to provide enhanced e-commerce product discovery that is capable of understanding customer behaviour, intent, and needs.
Case Study

See how O2 uses Luigi's Box on-site search to fulfill visitors‘ needs and increase the conversion rate by 320%

Read the whole case study

For one of the largest mobile operators in Slovakia, Luigi’s Box helped improve the performance of their search. We implemented Search Analytics on all O2 sites, including the main website, the e‑shop, and the Q&A portal. Soon, O2 online team was able to see the results and realized to use the Fixit option to route visitors to correct queries and pages and also adapted content pages to match customers’ language not to lose customers anymore.

Using Fixit rules has become a regular ritual at O2. Each month, more than ten new Fixit rules are created. As a result, the conversion rate of these Fixit rules is higher by 136% compared to the ordinary search conversion rate. Thanks to the effective routing of visitors to trending products and services and increasing customer success, the conversion rate increased by 320%.


Frequently asked questions

What is enterprise search?

Enterprise search refers to the process of searching and retrieving information within an organization’s vast collection of data, documents, and resources. It involves using specialized software and tools to efficiently locate relevant information across various repositories, such as databases, file systems, emails, and web content.

Why is enterprise search important for businesses?

Enterprise search is crucial for businesses because it enhances productivity and decision-making. It helps employees quickly find the information they need, reducing time wasted searching for documents or data. Additionally, it promotes collaboration by making it easier to share and access knowledge within an organization, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

What features should I look for in enterprise search software?

When evaluating enterprise search software, consider features like advanced search capabilities (e.g., natural language processing), support for multiple data sources and formats, security and access controls, scalability to handle large datasets, integration with existing systems, and analytics for insights into search behavior and content usage.

How does enterprise search software handle security and privacy concerns?

Enterprise search software typically offers robust security features, including role-based access controls, encryption of sensitive data, and audit trails to track user activity. It ensures that only authorized users can access specific information and helps maintain compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Can enterprise search software be customized for specific industries or use cases?

Yes, many enterprise search solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries or use cases. They can be tailored to understand industry-specific terminology and workflows, making it easier to retrieve relevant information within specialized contexts such as healthcare, finance, or legal.

How can I measure the ROI of implementing enterprise search software?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of enterprise search software can be done by assessing factors like reduced time spent searching for information, increased employee productivity, improved decision-making, and reduced duplication of work. Additionally, tracking user adoption rates and feedback can help gauge the software’s effectiveness in your organization.