Get to know your search & navigation

Explore what your customers are looking for, analyze search results, find search errors and optimize search experience.

Intuitive Dashboard

Get all relevant information about performance of your search by taking a quick glance at our dashboard. Find the most relevant issues requiring your immediate attention.

Relevant metrics & KPIs

We want you to find problems quickly and not spend hours digging through endless reports. Luigi’s Box gives you metrics you know and understand, so that you can grasp key problems and judge their relevancy instantly.

Trends & Insights

Get real-time insights on what your users are searching for, what they struggle to find and how you can improve their overall search experience.

Track popular content or content that frequently pops up in search results without ever being clicked. Analyze seasonal trends and see how your content popularity changes over time.


Drill down into all queries your visitors used to actually find key content on your site. Find common typos, niche queries and query reformulations to improve your content and its findability.


Track autocompletion making your site content quickly accessible. Learn how well your autocomplete performs and see how you can improve it.

A/B Testing

Optimize your search engine for better results and track improvements with A/B testing. See how your experiments are performing and react to search changes. Still afraid of those few bugs in your new search? You don’t need to. We use a safe algorithm, which ensures that your A/B test will not ruin search experience of your visitors.

Quality & Reformulations

Identify and analyze key problems with low quality search results and increase your conversions. Find problematic queries and see how they were changed. If you need, you can even follow your users step-by-step to understand paths your users take to find your content.

Works with all search engines

Luigi’s Box works with any search backend and integration takes a couple of minutes. Just add our hosted JavaScript and you are done.