All you need so that your customers do find & buy. In one box. Luigi’s Box.

Hassle-free setup

You are only one line away from getting to know your search and make it better.

Usable on every platform

Do you have your own custom search solution? We can analyze & fix it as well.

Designed for non-tech people

We use KPIs & metrics you use and understand. We want you to focus on your business, not the tech details.

Intuitive dashboard

No need to click endlessly through tons of reports – we give you a dashboard which gives you a super quick visual feedback about the state of your search.

  • Does my search lead to conversions?
  • How many “no results” do my customers get?
  • How many searches lead to irrelevant content?


Get insights on what your customers are searching for, what they struggle to find and how you can improve their overall search experience.

  • Are my top queries performing well?
  • Are their results in an optimal order?

Detailed content analysis

Find out how your customers find out your key content. Find common typos, niche queries and query reformulations to improve your content and its findability.

  • How is this product found most often?
  • Is it listed on appropriate positions for these relevant queries?


Just found out a super bug in your search which ruins your current campaign by driving the people to a wrong landing page? Do your customer end on “no results” page for a most-hyped query?

Use our instant FixIT feature to get everything back on track.

Still not sure it’s for you?

We’ll explain personally in less than 20 minutes.

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Smart Experiments

Are you tech savvy enough to start fine-tuning your search on your own but afraid that you break down something really seriously? Rely on our A/B experiments support to lead you on your path of improvements with a guarantee that you will not lose any single conversions due to a bug in your new search.

  • How is my new feature X performing?

Offline Synthetic Tests

When tuning website search many people either fix individual queries or run A/B testing. However, if you want to be 100% sure that your search is working as it should, consider using offline synthetic testing. It rapidly iterates search algorithms and eliminates the risk of losing conversions by letting you test changes safely offline.

Query Understanding Provides the Perfect Boost

We recognize users’ search intent and turn the maximum number of query terms into key-value filters.


Customers rarely want to dig through your three-level menu to find the products they are looking for. Give them a blazingly fast search-as-you-type input field, which shows them the right category, brand or product from their first keystroke.

Search as a Service

Give your customer the freedom to explore your content through search

  • that tolerates their typos
  • knows the synonyms and niche phrases related to your products and
  • gives your customers powerful filtering mechanisms so that they end up on products they want to BUY

Navigation analytics

Discover how visitors use navigation on your site. Is it a smooth experience or it feels more like being trapped in a maze? With Luigi’s Box you’ll know and can get better.
Read more.

Reports API

Incorporate knowledge from search behavior of your customers elsewhere. Fine tune your AdWords campaigns, make a live dashboard for your sales department. Any report from our analytics service is also available through our REST API. It is only up to you to find out how can you use it.

More than an ordinary support

We are not going to support you in using our product.
We are going to support you in your business – we will use all our experience and knowledge and invest our time so you could get the most out of your webstore

… because search & product discovery is our passion.


Implementing Luigi’s Box means adding just a few lines of code to your site. Although it is easy, we understand that digging into the code might not be your most favorite thing to do. That’s why we are coming with native integration solutions for your e-commerce platform. This way, you can turn Luigi’s Box on from within the administration interface without any worries about templates, javascript and tracking codes.

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