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Luigi’s Box Recommender

Recommender displays product suggestions in your e-shop, personalized to every visitor with AI, based on his preferences and previous online behavior.

Personalized recommendations on home page

Best selling product recommendations

Recommendations at sold-out products

Personalized recommendations in shopping cart

More repeat shoppers

With product recommendations, customers are 56% more likely to come back to your e-shop and buy again.

Higher average order value

Tailor-made product recommendations to every visitor help increase average shopping cart value by 25%.

Enhanced e-shop UX

Displaying relevant products assures visitors that they’re in the right place and enhances overall e-shop user experience.

Luigi’s Box Recommender Integration

Recommender boxes can be placed anywhere on the website. They’ll always feel like a native part of the site, regardless of the e-commerce platform. Integration consists of four easy steps.

Create account

Creating an account is free. Just fill in your website, email and phone number.

Insert script

Insert a script into your page’s header or use the Tag Manager.

Sync products

Provide product catalogues through API or export XML feeds.

Launch Recommender

Our integration team will launch the services without bothering
your IT team.

Make the first step – create a free account.

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Offer your customers relevant recommendations based on their preferences or similarity with previously seen products.

  • Preference-based
  • Previously seen products
  • and more…

Sold-out products

Don’t let your customers leave your e-shop frustrated. Instead, offer alternatives to sold-out or unavailable products.

  • Product alternatives
  • Similar products
  • and more…

“Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy’s products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart value has been rising dramatically.”

Michal Dodok
Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

Shopping cart

Raise your average order value by recommending products that are relevant to those already added to their shopping cart.

  • Related to their cart selection
  • Suggestions based on previous customer purchases
  • and more…

Best-selling products

Help your customers choose by recommending the most popular products in your e-shop.

  • Top-rated products in e-shop
  • Most purchased
  • and more…

Motivate your customers to see more products in your e-shop and raise your average order value and conversion rate. 
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