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Magento integration

Magento is a popular open-source platform written in PHP for creating e‑commerce websites owned by Adobe Commerce.

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There are two different Magento solutions – Magento Open Source, which can be customized thanks to a variety of plug-in modules by other developers to extend its base functionality, and Magento 2, which brings a variety of new features and tools for development.

All versions of Magento coexist simultaneously, and you can use them to build your e‑shops. Furthermore, you can take advantage of Luigi’s Box products to improve the shopping experience thanks to our effective search, recommender, product catalog manager, and analytics in one go.

What will Luigi's Box integration with Magento bring you?

Luigi’s Box offers an awesome extension to Magento and Magento 2 to help you improve your e‑commerce with an optimal search engine experience that includes product recommendations, advanced analytics, and efficient product catalog management with one solution. Every one of our tools was created to help you provide better customer experiences and improve your online store performance and earnings.

Help your customers with a state-of-the-art, AI‑powered search bar, recommend the best products based on customer data, improve your product catalog organizing, or use real-time data analytics to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Get started today and see how you can improve with the Luigi’s Box tool set.

What can Luigi's Box Search do?

Luigi's Box Search bar is the best tool to help customers fill their shopping cart with quality products. But it's not just a regular search bar; Luigi's Box offers an AI‑powered, efficient solution that will create a seamless integration with your website. The search makes it much easier to find whatever your customers look for, significantly reduces search times, and removes customer frustration.

Take a look at some of the Search features that can help you improve your conversion rate in no time.

Autocomplete & Autocomplete showcase

Our smart Autocomplete can help your online visitors find their desired products in a short time period with autofill. At the same time, autocomplete showcase can help encourage a new search or help customers discover new products without extra effort.

Grammatical forms & typo correction

Don’t worry about different grammatical forms in various languages; Luigi’s Box can accommodate any word form. Typos are not an issue either; Luigi’s Box AI can spot them and subtly fix them to ensure correct search results for your customers every time.

Margin preference & product ranking

Improve your earnings and use Margin preference to show products with the most significant profit margin in the top places of any search. In addition, you can use other product ranking features to determine which products will get ranked higher in searches and customize the ranking at any time.


Looking to sell specific products and present them to your customers naturally? Use our Searchandising feature to promote any product and recommend it to your online visitors whenever you need to boost specific products for some time.

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What can Luigi's Box Recommender do?

Every good ecommerce platform based on Magento and Magento 2 can benefit from our advanced Recommender. Bring attention to various products in your product search and enrich the search queries with naturally placed product recommendations. You can choose which products to promote and when based on multiple criteria, so you will always show your online visitors the correct product type.

The Recommender can improve the search experience and help you increase sales with every search.

Behavioral recommendations

Your customers can help you improve Recommendations thanks to Luigi’s Box AI. Our system gathers all essential data about customers’ search queries and recommends the right products at the right time to increase your chances of making a successful sale.

Contextual recommendations

The recommendations on your website can always be contextually correct with Luigi’s Box Recommender features. In addition, the system will always pick out products relevant to search terms and product categories to provide better alternatives, create ideal product pairings, and more.

Visual Recommender

Our visual recommendations are here to help you out when words just can’t cut it. Present your products with beautiful product images and photographs to improve your chances of making the right first impression and help your customers fill their shopping carts.

Recommendation bundles

Some products were simply made for each other, which is why our Recommender can help you make the ideal product pairings. The system will always recommend an ideal product with what your customers already have in their shopping carts.

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What can Luigi's Box Product Listing do?

Product Listing is the ideal tool that works perfectly with our search functionality and brings order to your product descriptions. Enhance the search experience with Luigi's Box Product Listing and provide all necessary information, product details, and other important content to your e‑shop's product listings. You can use descriptions and images to offer quick information, remove confusion from listings, and improve the entire shopping experience.

Dynamic filters

Are they tired of confusing catalog searches and bad filtering options? Say goodbye to them and start using Dynamic filters by Luigi’s Box. Our Dynamic filters are easy to use and can help any customer filter out unwanted products by various criteria and categories.

Product banners in the Product Listing

If you want to bring attention to specific products and sell them faster, you can utilize Product banners. They fit perfectly in any product list and can help you promote products of your choice. Give your customers the best deals with product banners.


Personalization is another great feature in Luigi’s Box Product Listing. Thanks to our AI, all customer searches and product listings are personalized and tailor-made just for them. As a result, your customers will always see products that are relevant to them and with less searching.

Product ranking in the Product Listing

With our Product ranking feature, you can rank various products, and they will show up higher in each customer’s product catalog. Pick items based on your criteria and use this feature to promote the best deals, products with higher profit margins, or novelty products.

Let's take a look on what our customers said about us

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

What can Luigi's Box Analytics do?

Luigi's Box Analytics can help you with every part of Luigi's box experience. It can also help you adjust most tools to match customer behavior more effectively. Our analytics track everything in your e‑shop's Luigi's Box toolset and provide detailed overviews of every area.

Find out more about your strengths and remove your weaknesses by identifying key pain points in your Magento store. Luigi's Box Analytics is simply all-purpose and valuable in any situation.

Trending searches

Learn what your customers like and see the most popular results in your search. You can use this data to determine future decisions for buying and selling products, creating the best deals for your customers, and much more.

Searches without results

Luigi’s Box Analytics are also ideal for identifying weak spots in your e‑commerce stores, for example, when customer searches turn up with no results. You can address these situations and provide better product alternatives or redirect customers to other products, avoid the customer’s frustration and decrease an unwanted bounce rate.

Recommender conversions

Track the success of your recommendations and get actionable insights about which ones brought you the most conversions. You can focus on these products and adjust your strategy in time to keep your future earnings high all the time.

Top-performing products

Luigi’s Box Analytics can also help you keep track of the most popular products in your online stores. Use this data to your advantage and stock up on the best-selling goods. You can also identify which products are not that popular and adjust your product list in the future.

How can you integrate Luigi’s Box with Magento and Magento 2?

Integrating Luigi’s Box with Magento and Magento 2 is a straightforward process that doesn’t cost you a lot of time. Luigi’s Box is not an integration module for Magento. Still, the entire integration process takes a few minutes and consists of 4 simple steps where you insert one line of code into your e‑shop’s header or use Google Tag Manager.

In addition, Luigi’s Box has been designed to fit any website, so it will always naturally fit anywhere. It doesn’t slow down your website; you can adjust the functionality according to your preference anytime.

Affordable pricing based on usage

Luigi’s Box pricing is affordable at all times because it always adjusts to your income level. We won’t drain your budget dry, regardless of if you are a small business or a large company. Our pricing is based on usage, so you never have to worry about losing money.

Earn more and get ahead of your competition with Luigi’s Box. Take a look at Luigi’s Box pricing page to learn more.

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