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B2B Website Search Engines

Providing Personalized E-commerce for B2B and SaaS Clients

What can Luigi's Box bring B2B & Saas businesses? Luigi's Box offers several advanced features, including reliable and fast search and personalization to satisfy all diverse business needs and preferences.

Luigi's Box Search

The Internet provides a vast space where businesses can learn about products and services and lay the groundwork for future business-to-business and SaaS transactions. B2B selling is more complicated, and marketers need to know their target audience more than B2C marketers.

Luigi’s Box Search is a powerful e-commerce tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to collect data and make better business decisions by learning from search users and improving results based on their interactions on websites. Our intelligent search engine offers several advanced features to enhance your search capabilities.

Luigi’s Box Search uses ML and AI techniques to quickly satisfy by understanding the search query, choosing the relevant keywords, and optimizing the order of search results. Besides that, Luigi’s Box shares relevant content based on specific search intents, thus promoting content strategy and making it easy for your business to show up and enhance your visibility online.

How else can you use Luigi's Box?

Luigi’s Box offers other unique features like product recommendations by Luigi’s Box Recommender, which displays relevant recommendations based on preferences and previous searches. Recommender also gives suggestions for most purchases and sold-out products, so customers will not leave without making a purchase even if the product they came for is not available anymore.

Luigi’s Box also offers comprehensive Luigi’s Box Analytics to help measure and understand the functionality of your search. With LBX visual dashboard, you can quickly check what is searching for the most, what to improve and how to achieve higher purchase intent.

For a wide range of products, Luigi’s Box Product listing enhances the browsing experience by quickly finding the product they were looking for, checking its characteristics, comparing it with other products, and viewing product reviews. All in one go speeding up the purchase process.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features for B2B & SaaS e-commerce

Luigi’s Box Search constantly learning AI algorithm ensures that relevant results are always at the top of the list which creates an opportunity to personalize your website to the intent of your customers, and enhances your ranking to spread awareness about your product and services. As a result, customized search increases conversions by more than 35%.

Luigi’s Box Recommender recommends, besides relevant products suggestion also, alternatives to unavailable products, which leads to a decrease in the exit rate of your site and increased sales. You can also promote the best-selling products in your portfolio. With product recommendations, customers are 56% more likely to return and purchase again.

80% of visitors use the navigation to browse products, so you should consider using Luigi’s Box Product listing, which saves a lot of time for the customer and speeds up the buying process, leading to an increase in your average sales by up to 12%. In addition, product listing pages help search engine robots and Internet users quickly search for what they are precisely looking for. Thus, product listing improves the efficiency of interaction of customers with e-commerce stores.

A combination of these features is all you need to improve your business.


Frequently asked questions

Why a good site search matters for B2B e-commerce?

B2B is a segment with specific customer behavior. To search for the products they want to buy, they often use product codes. As their purchases tend to be regular, product codes save them time. That’s why using a search is a natural choice for them. However, it’s important that the search has a high standard of product code processing. 142 B 421, 142-B-421, 142B421 are all product codes of the same product. It’s only imperative that it can deal with any of these formats.

How many people use search in B2B e-shops?

According to research data, 90% of customers in B2B e-shops use search to find products.

How can my B2B online store start using Luigi's Box?

It’s very straightforward. Firstly, you create a new account, providing the URL of your website, your business email address, and a phone number. Then you insert a script we generate for you into your website’s header, or via Google Tag Manager. Lastly, our integration team set you up and launches the services you choose.