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Celebros Alternative

Discover the Perfect Celebros Alternative for Enhanced E-commerce Search

Luigi's Box leverages natural language processing and artificial intelligence to skyrocket conversion rates with its intelligent site search solution and powerful behavioral analytics for e-commerce websites.

Luigi's Box vs. Celebros

Comparing Luigi's Box and Celebros features

Unlock the potential of machine learning and customer intent with our comprehensive features comparison table for Celebros and Luigi's Box. Discover how personalized product recommendations and comprehensive site search solutions elevate e-commerce businesses to new heights.

Luigi's Box
No-Code Self-Service Integration Easy self-integration without the need for your IT Team.
Advanced Language Processing Top-notch processing of European languages, including CEE.
Synonyms Suggestions AI‑powered synonyms suggestions for all Latin languages.
Recommender Personalized product recommendations.
Analytics Comprehensive analytics to optimize the performance.
Pin to Position Assign the desired position to the product in the search results.
Product Listing All the perks of advanced ranking in the navigation product list.
Offline A/B Test See the results before going live without any risks.
AI/Machine Learning AI/ML to personalize the shopping experience.
Last update: 29/06/2023

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AI-powered search platform

What makes Luigi’s Box special?

Choose Luigi's Box for actionable analytics, advanced features, and a personalized shopping experience that delights your customers with relevant content recommendations. Elevate your e-commerce site to new heights.

Actionable analytics

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences with Luigi's Box's actionable analytics, empowering data-driven decisions for the success of e-commerce companies.

Advanced site search

Unlock a plethora of advanced features and tools from Luigi's Box that enhance your site's search functionality and simplify the customer journey.

Data-driven shopping experience

Elevate customer satisfaction with a personalized online shopping experience, tailoring search results and product recommendations to individual preferences, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Relevant content recommendations

Delight shoppers with Luigi's Box's smart content recommendations, showcasing relevant products based on user intent and browsing behavior, maximizing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Unlocking e-commerce success

How to pick Celebros alternative?

Discover essential features your ideal Celebros alternative should have to understand better customer search intent, such as powerful product filters, data-fueled personalization and merchandising solutions, and behavior analytics.

Product filters

Look for a solution with robust product filters, enabling customers to narrow their choices and find the perfect items quickly.

Data-driven personalization

Opt for a Celebros alternative that leverages data to deliver personalized shopping experiences, fostering customer loyalty and higher conversions.

Behavior analytics

Choose a comprehensive solution with behavior analytics, empowering effective merchandising strategies and optimizing your e-commerce site’s performance.

Advanced machine learning

The alternative should harness the power of advanced machine learning to deliver hyper-relevant search results that cater to your customer’s preferences and intent.


What our customers say

Hear from our delighted customers as they share their experiences and successes with Luigi’s Box, the great Celebros alternative for e-commerce search and personalization.

"It has proven to be an absolutely invaluable tool!"

It is extremely easy to use and has robust features to boost your e-commerce project. I especially like AI-powered search and personalized recommendations for our customers. In fact, thanks to Luigi's Box, we...

Tomáš O.
Co-founder & CMO
Full Review on G2

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

Shopping cart value increased dramatically

Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy's products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart value has been rising dramatically.

Michal Dodok
Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

Conversion rate increased by 600%

We’ve been using Luigi’s Box since 2017. In addition to our search conversion rate increase by 600%, the service also enhanced our in-store customer service.

Martin Derňar
Chief Omnichannel Officer, Nay

Taking extra effort to improve business results

Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e-shop.

Piotr Maciążka
Implementation Team Manager, Answear

Luigi’s Box improves customer experience

The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is an improvement in customer experience. The quicker they find what they search for, and the more relevant the search query is, the higher...

Juraj Giacko
Head of E-Commerce, EXIsport

Improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Luigi’s Box is a very progressive tool, which complements our existing analytical data. Its usage led not only to higher conversion rates for our e-shop but helped us keep high standards of customer...

Jana Karasová
Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us. E-shoppers often forget to care about customer experience and invest too many resources into advertising. Luigi's Box showed us what we could gain if we...

Soňa Fialková
CEO, SpokojenýPes

Team of professional specialists

Luigi’s Box is a guarantee of a professional approach. As the search specialists, they lead us to our goals much faster.

Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing Manager, Košík

More than €100,000/year thanks to Luigi’s Box

Given our size, Luigi's Box brings us over €100,000 a year without much hard work for a price that was immediately returned multiple times.

Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer, Electronic-star
Delivering seamless experiences

Why is Luigi’s Box a suitable Celebros alternative?

Discover the unique advantages of Luigi’s Box over Celebros, including seamless integration, a user-friendly interface, comprehensive descriptive analytics, and budget-friendly options ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.

Effortless setup

Seamless integration

Luigi’s Box offers seamless integration, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

With smooth implementation, your e-commerce site search will be up and running without disruptions to your operations.

Intuitive interface

User-friendly interface

Luigi’s Box provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of your site search.

With easy navigation and intuitive controls, you can efficiently customize and optimize search functionality to suit your requirements.

Detailed insights

Comprehensive descriptive analytics

With Luigi’s Box, you gain access to comprehensive descriptive analytics. Understand your customers better by analyzing behavior, trends, and search patterns, enabling data-driven insights for effective decision-making.

Cost-effective solution

Affordability for small and mid-sized businesses

Luigi’s Box is a cost-effective solution tailored to fit the budgets of small and mid-sized businesses.

Sell products effectively and enjoy the benefits of advanced search and personalization features without compromising your financial resources.

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Maximize your conversion potential

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More tools

Discover Luigi's Box features

Luigi’s Box Analytics

Comprehensive analytics that identifies issues with search queries and helps find out how to optimize them.

Luigi’s Box Recommender

Personalized boxes with product recommendations help raise the average order value and can be placed anywhere on the website.

Luigi’s Box Search

Smart search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, considerably reducing wasteful shopping time. Able to cope with any search query.

Luigi's Box Product Listing

Personalized product listing pages, organized in a way that enhances browsing experience, supports your business goals and increases revenue.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How can Luigi's Box improve customer search queries on my e-commerce site?

    Luigi’s Box employs advanced product ranking algorithms and conversion technologies to deliver relevant search results, ensuring customers find what they need quickly and easily.

    Our product ranking feature improves your chances of showing relevant product results to customers after each search. Each product with a higher ranking is a closer match to the customers’ search queries; therefore, it has a higher chance of being purchased.

    Will I get access to product performance data through Luigi's Box?

    Yes, Luigi’s Box provides detailed product performance analytics, enabling you to track key metrics and make informed decisions to align with your business requirements and objectives.

    Does Luigi's Box offer advanced product personalization capabilities?

    Absolutely! Luigi’s Box is equipped with cutting-edge personalization technologies, tailoring search results and product recommendations to individual customer preferences for an enhanced shopping experience and higher conversion rates.

    How can Luigi's Box help me achieve my business objectives?

    Luigi’s Box is a comprehensive personalization platform with advanced features that drive conversion rates, boost customer engagement, increase sales, and help you meet your current business goals through optimized search and personalized experiences.