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Advanced Filtering UI

Filter search results through an intuitive UI according to various factors and customize categories.

What is Advanced filtering UI?

Advanced filtering user interface (UI) is a feature in Luigi’s Box that helps users filter their search results through a user interface that’s intuitive to use. Any product attribute can serve as a filter, for example, product category, condition of the products, specific features or equipment, as well as price, and more. Website visitors can adjust their search according to the filters they select and see the exact number of products with the selected attributes.

The Advanced filtering UI also allows you to visualize how many products you will target within a particular filtered search. This makes it much easier for users to avoid getting the dreaded no results, and it allows you to get an overview of what is the distribution of the price and other values among products.

How can you use Advanced filtering UI?

Advanced filtering UI is one of the best features in Luigi’s Box that can help you organize your e‑shop and, in turn, help your customers find the right products based on their own criteria. This is an especially useful feature for e‑shops with many products. Advanced filtering can help even the pickiest customers find exactly what they need and, in turn, increase your chances of getting a sale. The advanced filtering UI is a feature that is simple to use by customers. They simply select items in the filtering interface, and the search will show only items that match the selected criteria.

What are the benefits of Advanced filtering UI?

  • Specific and exact product filtering
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Decreased churn rate
  • Increased chances of making a sale