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Dynamic Search Filters

Show the most relevant results based on gathered data saving search time with in-built filters.

What are dynamic filters

Dynamic filters are a Luigi’s Box feature that adjusts search results according to in-built filters to show only the most relevant filters to every page visitor based on the product category they search in. For example if a customer searches for laptops, they will see only laptop related filters, such as screen size and resolution, available ports, specs, and other related properties.

This feature works automatically, so you don’t have to worry about configuring everything by yourself.

How can you use Dynamic filters?

Dynamic filters are an essential feature for removing user frustration and saving time. Thanks to gathered data, the dynamic filters will remove all unnecessary filtering options from each search and show only the most relevant ones to each website visitor. This can save you immense amounts of time, because it can automatically recognize any product category, and present only relevant filtering options for each of them.

Filters are important especially for larger e‑shops that have a greater product selection. Online shoppers can utilize filters to better specify their product search, and find their dream product much faster.

What are the benefits of Dynamic filters?

  • Shorter search times
  • Shows only relevant search filters
  • Adjusts products categories
  • Removes user frustration