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Geo Search

Show customers from various areas the most accurate and relevant results based on their geolocation.

What is Geo search?

Geo search is a location based search feature that provides accurate results according to the user’s geolocation. This accurate search feature can help provide the best product results for each particular user, and enhance the chances of getting better sales. You can specify which products are available online, or which ones are available only in certain locations with no option of getting them elsewhere.

Geo search can also take advantage of geo-coordinates that come with certain type of data, and use them to your advantage for filtering or sorting.

Are your website visitors and customers based in various countries worldwide? Are your website visitors omnichannel shoppers who find a product online, and pick it up at the brick-and-mortat store personally? Geo search is the right feature for your situation.

Regardless of where your customers are, you can always show them only relevant results regardless of how they like to shop. For example, a product available in Berlin won’t be shown in search results of a user who made a search in Hamburg. Thanks to this, you can ensure great shipping rates, and fast delivery time for each customer.

  • Accurate results based on location
  • Saves resources and time
  • Increases customer satisfaction