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Hierarchical Facets

Use hierarchical facets for faster and easier navigation through e‑shops submenus.

What is the Hierarchical facets feature?

The Hierarchical facets feature in Luigi’s Box brings extra navigation options for product categories into your e‑shop’s search. This feature is especially useful when dealing with products from various categories that share specific words in their names or titles. The hierarchical facets have a multi-level structure, so customers can not only search in the general product category, but also in sub-categories.

How can you use the Hierarchical facets feature?

Whenever a customer starts a search query with a term that shares a word or the entire title with other products, they will see a hierarchical list of various product categories. They can select the exact category and sub-category they want to find their desired products, making their search a lot faster and less confusing.

For example, if a customer uses the word “Apple” in a search, they might see all Apple products including iPhones, MacBooks, and even accessories such as AirPods. Each of these products belongs to a different product category, in this case, it would be smartphones, computers, and accessories. By using the Hierarchical facets, they can better specify which exact category of Apple products they want to browse. This is just one example of how hierarchical facets feature can be used by customers to efficiently find the products they need.

What are the benefits of the Hierarchical facets feature?

  • Easier product search
  • Easy navigation in product categories and sub-categories
  • Improved customer experience