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Query Detail

Get a helpful overview of customer searches and other useful search data on your e‑shop.

What is Query detail?

Query detail is an analytics feature that can show you data about customer searches on your e‑shop. It can show you exact searches, give you insight about searched product types, or even show you non product related searches that might’ve been entered in your Luigi’s Box search box.

How can you use Query detail?

Luigi’s Box Query detail can show you common themes, product types, exact searches and many other search data. This data is very important, and it can help you learn what products are the most sought after, which ones are less popular, or show you which product type is the most popular in a certain period.

With this data at hand, you can adjust the search experience for each customer, and maximize your chances of getting better and faster sales.

What are the benefits of Query detail?

  • Learn about customer search and improve
  • Get comprehensive overview of searched products, or product types