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With Luigi's Box, you can also serve customers speaking languages such as Kannada.

Kannada language in Luigi’s Box

Are you a Kannada speaker? In that case, we have some good news. Luigi’s Box supports the Kannada language so you can comfortably run your entire Luigi’s Box system in Kannada. Every feature, functionality, and tool is available in Kannada, so all Kannada speakers can simply switch to this language in Luigi’s Box settings. This makes it easier to work not only for you but also helps your customers get a much better experience.

Kannada is a language spoken by the people of Karnataka in the southwest of India. It used to be the court language of the most powerful dynasties of southern and central India, and it’s considered one of the designated classical languages in India. It’s written in Kannada script. It has approximately 47 million native speakers, and it’s the second or third language of 13 million non-native speakers in Karnataka.